Friday, December 6, 2013

Surgery Day

The doctor called and bumped up Daisy's surgery. December 3rd at 6:30am. Nicole was nice enough to let us bring the boys by on our way to the hospital and she got them on the bus for us.

We got there, did the check in biz and went straight into a room for pre-op. We were in there for awhile with the nurses and the anesthesiologist going over everything that would happen before, during, and after surgery.

The girls watched some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while they got ready for Daisy and I gave her some meds that made her loopy. The nurse said to give it to her in one shot, so I did and some of it squirted out on all of us, whoops!

We sat around in the room while Daisy got sleepy. I took a video and some funny pics of her being silly.

Then, once the doctor came in to see how she was, they took her away! They started talking to her and then swooshed her right on out of there, so I snapped a couple pictures on her way out the door and kissed her and told her I loved her.

The doctor said it would take anywhere from 20-30 minutes.

We went to the waiting room and Carley played with all the crap in my purse. Tyler walked around in circles. I listened to two old women talk about random stuff...pretty funny.

It took about 45 mins (maybe longer?) for the surgery. I was being very impatient at the end because I was scared something was going wrong. The doctor came in and took us to a room and assured us everything was fine. He said the surgery went well but that he had a hard time getting her tonsils out because they were so big and down in her throat. Her adenoids were huge too, but not as bad as her tonsils. She had very little bleeding.

They came out and told us that she was in recovery and that she'd peed her pants and needed a change of clothes. I gave the nurse panties and pants and asked how long it would be before we got to see her. She told me she was asleep so it would be just a bit. It was FOREVER before she finally came out and got me to go back and see Daisy. Ugh! I got back there and the little girl next to Daisy (she got tubes put in) was FREAKING out and her mom actually said "Stop milking it, it's not that bad!" I could not believe that.

They gave Daisy to me and she was asleep. She woke up for a second and said "I want pants on." And we put her panties and pants on. She went right back to sleep for awhile. She woke up again and we tried to keep her awake but she kept falling asleep. They were a little concerned that they couldn't get her awake, but after 20 or so more minutes, she finally came to on her own. They asked her to take a sip of apple juice and then they'd take her IV out and she told us "I want a whole lot of apple juice." She chugged half the little carton and then went back to sleep for a bit. When she woke up this time, they took her IV out and we got to get ready to go home. Filled out all the paperwork and got wheeled out to Daddy and Carley. Daddy got the car and we loaded her up.

She was very sore and had thrown up some blood and had a bloody nose in the recovery room (before I got back there)....but otherwise she was doing okay. She asked to listen to "Never Ever" in the car on the way to Walmart for her meds and juice. Of course Walmart didn't have her Rx ready and we had to go back later to get it, but anyways.

I was SO incredibly scared for her. More for the anesthesia than the actual surgery. My anxiety was through the freakin' roof, but I am SO glad Tyler was able to be there with us or I'm not sure I would have made it through without having a panic attack.

I will add some pictures later.

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