Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Daisy has to have surgery.

She has had a couple colds in the last few months, which is strange because she rarely gets sick. She's also started snoring. A lot. And loud.

She was at the doctor a couple weeks ago for something unrelated to this but I asked the doctor again if the snoring was normal. It's not, so the nurse practitioner took a look in her throat and said that her tonsils were SUPER swollen. Daisy wasn't sick, so it didn't make sense.

I got a referral for the ENT and we saw him last week. AS SOON AS he looked inside her mouth he said "WOW. Her tonsils are HUGE. HUGE! Wow." Or something along those lines. So, he did some other checks, looked in her ears, etc. and we talked about surgery.

He wants her tonsils and adenoids out ASAP. He said they are HUGE. Also, her left side is bigger than her right.

We went over the risks involved with the surgery, which was totally scary, and decided that it needs to be done. December 11th is the day. She has to be there bright and early in the morning, as she's the first patient of the day.

I am so scared for my baby girl. I know it needs to be done, but I am still worried sick.

So, if you can, please say an extra prayer, send up good thoughts....just think about my Daisy on Wednesday, please.

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