Monday, December 9, 2013

5 days post op

I think Daisy is sick. Ugh! She has a bit of a cough and now a runny nose. Tyler and I were both having sinus issues and I had a cough and I was REALLY hoping it would pass her by, but apparently it did not.

She is acting fine, but the coughing worries me. I've been giving her cough medicine, so hopefully she won't screw anything in her throat up.

She still isn't eating much of anything. I'm afraid she's going to blow away in the wind. She's so skinny and puny :(

She has been loving having 5 cups with something different to drink in each one, though. I hope she doesn't think this is going to happen forever. I'm tired of washing cups!

Her breath is AWFUL. I mean, BAD. I brush her teeth and try to brush her tongue, but my good god. The smell is disgusting. It's normal, but gross. VERY GROSS.

She has a little more energy now, which is weird since she's not eating much. It's nice to see her fight with Peyton, though. I can't believe I just said that!

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Our babies
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