Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Everyday questions...March

What are Rice Krispies made of?
T- Rice and crisps of rice
P- Rice
D- A cherry

How big are your feet?
T- A foot long
P- Like, 5 inches
D- 2 months

What is your favorite book?
T- The Magic Treehouse, Civil War on Sunday
P- All of my Cat in the Hat books.
D- The Little Pigs

What makes tape sticky?
T- It has silkworm stuff on it, maybe?
P- Um, glue
D- The doctor ones.

Do you want to move? Why?
T- Yeah, because I can see my Grandmas and Grandpas and everyone
P- Uh, yes. Where are we moving at? I want to move to California because I want to see a big monster truck.
D- Yes, because.

Where do batteries come from?
T- Factories
P- A factory that makes batteries
D- From, um, tvs.

How does the microwave cook food?
T- It puts heat into the food
P- By heating it with fire and lights
D- Corn dogs

What is mustard made of?
T- Um, it's made of custard.
P- Sour stuff
D- Made of corn dogs

How many inches tall are you?
T- 10 of 6 inches. 50 inches
P- 16 inches
D- This tall.

What is a passion fruit? 
T- A fruit that's on Annoying Orange
P- A fruit. A purple fruit.
D- Um, because it's made of apples.

Where do leprechauns live?
T- In Ireland.
P- The North Pole
D- In them houses

Who invented the light bulb?
T- John Addison. Or John Adams.
P- A light bulb man. 
D- Me did. 

Where do marshmallows come from?
T- Stickyland
P- A marshmallow factory
D- Fruit Loops

What color is your skin?
T- White
P- Um, white-ish, tan-ish
D- Purple

What kind of dog is Matilda?
T- English Mastiff
P- Kind of a bull dog
D- Charlie

How old is Charlie?
T- 3. 3.5 years old
P- I don't know. 12 months
D- He came from Matilda

Why do we celebrate St. Patrick's Day?
T- To honor the leprechauns
P- Um, so leprechauns can be alive.
D- Because we're 'posed to!
What is a cemetery? 
T- A place where dead people live
P- Um, a place where everyone is dead at
D- Um, baby sister goes in it

^ creepy!

Where is Africa?
T- In Australia
P- Way, way far away
D- At California

How many feet is it from here to Texas?
T- 1,000
P- 1,000
D- Um, shoes go on me

Why do you get Spring break?
T- Cause it's a break
P- So we can have a little time off school
D- Because you go to bed

What is your favorite fruit?
T- Strawberries
P- Strawberries and apples
D- Fruit punches

You are the best at.....
T- fishing
P- skateboarding and basketball
D- drawing

The coolest person on Earth is...
T- Me
P- I cannot think of that
D- Um, Daisy is

What does Dad do while he's at work?
T- He makes chicken
P- Um, work
D- He always works out

What makes Mom happy?
T- When she doesn't have to do anything
P- Um, cleaning our rooms and all that
D- Um, laughing

How do you like to eat eggs?
T- I like them scrambled
P- With the shell not on them
D- I like to eat devil eggs

Why do we celebrate Easter?
T- So we can get candy and go Easter egg hunting
P- So we can get eggs
D- Because the Easter Bunny always gives me candy

What is Scooby Doo's last name?
T- Doo
P- Where Are You?
D- Scooby Doo's last name is his dog is brown.

How long is the weekend?
T- 48 hours
P- 7 days
D- 2

What is the best thing about Easter?
T- Easter egg hunting
P- The Easter Bunny comes
D- Easter Bunny gives me candy

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