Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Everyday questions

Starting on January 1st, 2013, I started to ask the kids one question, every day. Sometimes I miss a few days, but always catch myself up. Here they are so far.

What is the weather like?
Taryn- Little snowflakes
Peyton- Snowy
Daisy- I think it was cold like the fridge.

By the way, I ask them away from each other, so they can't hear each other's response.

Who is your favorite, Mom or Dad?
T- Both
P- Both
D- Um, Mom. And dad. And Mama and Daisy.

I write down EXACTLY what they say.

What is your favorite thing to eat?
T- I have two things, noodles and pizza. But not together.
P- I don't know. Umm, Hot Pockets and tacos.
D- Quesadilla

If you had $100.00, what would you buy?
T- A mansion
P- I don't know. A boat?
D- I wouldn't buy anything with it.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
T- A professional fisherman
P- A cop and an ice cream man.
D- Like a grown up.

If you could be any super hero, who would you be?
T- Hawkeye
P- Hulk
D- I'm gonna be a superhero. The green one. Hulk!

Okay, so I probably won't type them all up, but I'll try.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be?
T- California
P- At home.
D- In the lion world.

Who do you want to marry when you grown up?
T- I don't know.
P- I don't know.
D- Babies. I want to marry babies.

^That kid. She's full of random shit.

What is your favorite thing about yourself?
T- My glasses
P- My feet
D- Umm, my lap. (She meant her laugh, she chuckled)

The best song ever is...
T- Zac Brown Band, Pair of Jeans (Chicken Fried)
P- Who let the dogs out?
D- A Christmas one. Santa

When do you become and adult?
T- 20?
P- When we're bigger
D- When we're big. Two.

Are you a good friend? Why do you think so?
T- Yes, because I always share.
P- Yeah, but I don't know why. I just am.
D- No, because I'm a Daisy.

If you could invent something that would make life easier for people, what would it be?
T- Hmm, flying cars
P- A machine that could make people better at puzzles
D- Something else for people

What is your favorite holiday?
T- Christmas
P- Halloween and Christmas
D- Christmas

When you are sad, what cheers you up?
T- Playing my video game because then I forget about everything.
P- Nothing.
D- Umm, math.

What do you think is beyond the stars?
T- More stars
P- The moon
D- Stars

Tell me something about Grandma Teri.
T- She's really nice and she's your mom.
P- She sends us presents.
D- She's nice and lives in Arkansas.

Who is the meanest kid you know?
T- Jojo
P- Jericka, because she always gets in trouble.
D- The meanest kid playing with a kitty.

What's your favorite thing about Dad?
T- He buys me video games
P- He's nice and I like when he buys us pizza
D- He gets us presents and he's nice and nothing else.

What do you want to do this summer?
T- Go to California
P- Swim and play water balloons and wash my monkeys and eat gum and play in the sprinklers.
D- Get in the summer and play balloons.

Where does hamburger come from?
T- Cows
P- Chickens
D- California

What is a spatula?
T- Type of thing you flip patties with
P- A thing that flips patties
D- A spatula goes with krabby patties and flips them up and Spongebob catches them and washes dishes.

What's your favorite thing about Mom?
T- You let us have $1.00 instead of .50cents for popcorn and you're nice.
P- You're nice and I like when you give me ice cream.
D- Mama is real and nice and looks like a jelly fish.

How long does it take to get from Arkansas to California?
T- One or two days.
P- 50 miles, 2 days.
D- California is too far!

Why do you need to wear a helmet?
T- Because if you fall, you'll get really hurt
P- Cause you might fall and bust your head
D- You'll fall and get your head open

Who is God?
T- Um, he's a guy who is dead and went up to Heaven, I think.
P- That guy who lives up in the sky.
D- God is you.

^ Hilarious.

How much does an elephant weigh?
T- 542lbs
P- 10lbs
D- Elephant is big. 2lbs.

What's your favorite cereal?
T- Lucky Charms and Fruit Loops
P- The Fruit Loops with the marshmallows and Lucky Charms
D- Honey Boats cereal (Honey Bunches of Oats)

What is your favorite animal?
T- A bear shark.
P- An elephant
D- An animal called a lion.

How much did you weigh when you were born?
T- I don't know. 15lbs?
P- Um, 1 pound.
D- 28lbs

What does a starfish eat?
T- Seaweed
P- Nothing
D- Umm, in the water. He eats food. His own food.

Whew! That took a bit longer than I thought it would.

Why is the sky blue?
T- Cause the clouds made it blue? I don't know.
P- Cause God made it blue.
D- Because the sun is blue.

The best candy ever, is....
T- Hershey's
P- Reese's, Hershey's, bananas and Airheads
D- The candy for Halloween. Chocolate.

What are rainbows made of?
T- 3 dimensional glass that shines off of water
P- Colors
D- Them made of rainbows

If you could give every kid a gift, what would it be?
T- A bunch of puppies
P- A monster truck that has 50,000 ice cream makers on it.
D- A rainbow

Where did Mom and Dad get your name from?
T- From the tv
P- I don't know. A person? A person named Peyton.
D- From Walmart

If you wrote a book right now, what would it be about?
T- How to take care of a dog
P- Creepy monsters and pretty dogs
D- A sticker thing

Why do we have feet?
T- So we can walk
P- So we can walk and help do stuff
D- Because you're really old

What would happen if we never cut our fingernails?
T- They'd grow long and we'd start scratching people.
P- They would get yucky.
D- They would be funny.

What do you like most about basketball?
T- Getting to shoot baskets and run around.
P- It's really fun.
D- Because they want to play basketball and a tiger.

What do you like about your teacher?
T- She's very, very nice and she's pretty.
P- She's really nice and I like when she gives us homework to do and papers to color.
D- Her gives me folders

What time is it in China? (7:08am)
T- 7:08 in the afternoon
P- 5:15 in the afternoon
D- Um, 2:08 at night

Favorite kind of cookie?
T- Fudge Striped and chocolate chip
P- I love all kinds of cookies. Fudge Striped and chocolate chip and Oreos
D- Hard cookies because they're hard. I love the chocolate ones.

What does it mean to love someone?
T- To like them. To buy them stuff.
P- I don't know? To get married.
D- I don't want to do this!

Who is your Valentine?
T- Mom
P- Mrs. Helmlinger
D- Dad

What is ranch dressing made of?
T- Ranch. Salad
P- I don't know. Ranch? That's all.
D- Made of plates.

If you could only drink one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
T- Water
P- Water and milk. Okay, water.
D- A drink. A slushee.

Where does gas come from?
T- From someone farting
P- Gas station
D- The car

Who makes our clothes?
T- People who work at clothes shops
P- God
D- Um, they do. Daddy does

What is your favorite outfit?
T- My Halloween costume
P- My snoopy shirt and cool jeans
D- A swimmin' suit

Tell me something about Winter.
T- Um, we can throw snowballs and make snowmen
P- It's really cold outside. It's freezing.
D- It, Winter, goes with Summer.

What is thunder?
T- Um, when two clouds bump into each other
P- Big lightning that comes down
D- Makes noises

What are snowflakes made of?
T- Snow
P- Water
D- Like, tennis shoes. Rapunzel

How many teeth do you have?
T- 26
P- Like, 5 million
D- 28

Who do you look like?
T- I don't know. Kensey?
P- Carley
D- Um, like Daisy.

Who is Slim Shady?
T- He's a guy who plays Eminem
P- Who is Slim Shady? I don't know who she is. She's no one.
D- Um, her Macey.

How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
T- 14. No, none because a wood chuck can't chuck wood.
P- One.
D- 5.

What is your favorite thing about Carley?
T- She's cute and funny
P- She's really cute and pretty
D- Hers cute and funny and her laughs

February was great, because...
T- Because of Valentine's Day
P- Um, cause it's awesome
D- A party with the Valentine's

Okay, that's enough for now...I'll come back and add more!

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