Thursday, July 4, 2013

Every day questions....June

How many days are in June?
T- 30
P- 30
D- 3, 4, 5, or 6

What was your favorite thing about Silver Dollar City?
T- The Outlaw Run, the scariest coaster on Earth.
P- All the games and rides
D- I rode on roller coasters and played with Dad. I went on slide.

What size ring do you wear?
T- 4.5 I think
P- 5. Maybe.
D- Uh, this one. Pink

Are you excited about Grandma Kim and Papa Bill coming to visit?
T- Yes! A lot. It's going to be fun.
P- Yes. Because they are nice.
D- Yes! Because them always come.

What was the best part of Grandma and Papa's visit?
T- Just them coming
P- When we went swimming
D- Doctor

What causes humidity?
T- Hotness
P- What huminity?
D- Parties

What's your favorite thing to draw with chalk?
T- Um, just random drawings
P- Anything. Oh fine, um, let's see....people
D- A chalk can

What do you like about going to the river?
T- Cause I found a tad pole
P- Um, because there's lots of sea shells and I like swimming
D- I spwim in the water

Do you like long car trips?
T- Um, kind of. When we go somewhere special.
P- No.
D- Uh, yeah.

What is our phone number?
T- 559-302-****
P- 559-302-5160
D- 12345

Taryn got it right, btw :)

What is our address?
T- He got it right
P- He got it right and added "That's all."
D- Been 2.

How many people are in our family?
T- 5. No, 6.
P- 6. That's easy.
D- House

What is your favorite color?
T- Light red
P- Gold
D- Green

What are crayons made of?
T- Pastels
P- I don't know. Maybe plastic
D- Made of chalk

What is a firefly?
T- A firefly that lights up also known as a lightning bug
P- A fly that lights up like fire
D- Flier fly.

How many legos do we have?
T- I don't know. We have a lot of them.
P- Like 2 billion
D- 3

Spell Peyton's middle name.
T- Cayde
P- Cayde
D- Okay. Peyton Cayde Ballard (she did not spell it out, btw)

What is Cousin Robert's middle name?
T- I do not know. Robert Ballard? Hmm Man, I don't know.
P- I don't really know because he never told me.
D- Cousin Robber

When did Peyton come into this world?
T- Uh, in June.
P- Um, when I was a baby
D- In the forest he was lost at.

What sound does a fish make?
T- Fish don't make sounds unless they're splashing.
P- I don't know. Blub blub
D- Muah muah

Why do we wish on shooting stars?
T- So we can make our wishes come true.
P- Because they shoot and they're magic
D- Um, because we look at them at a telescoke

Tell me something about Cousin Robert.
T- He likes Star Wars and he's the best cousin
P- He's the best. He has cool toys?
D- Cousin Robert has him birthday.

Do you want more brothers and sisters?
T- No
P- No. I want more brothers but not sisters
D- Yes, like Becca and Eli

Why do you like playing in the sprinkler?
T- Because we can get wet
P- Because it gets me wet when I'm hot
D- Because I run and shoot.

Why can only women be pregnant?
T- I don't know. Because they're girls
P- Because Dad's can't have milk out of their boobs
D- Because they pregnince.

What is your favorite thing about Peyton?
T- That he lets me play with him and he's smart.
P- Hahahaha because I like cake and meatballs
D- Don't ask me. Because Peyton always does.

What's the best thing about eating cupcakes?
T- Cause they have sprinkles and frosting
P- They make a mess on your face and it looks funny and they taste so good
D- Um, sprinkles

What is a due date?
T- It's when you have something you have to turn in on a date. It's due that day
P- I don't know
D- It looks like poodles

How much sleep does a person need to grow?
T- Um, probably about 15 hours
P- Um, like a whole night
D- Bigger

Why don't we drink milk straight from the cow?
T- Because milk has to be processed. The farmers add stuff to it.
P- Because we can't go in the fields where cows are because there are fences around them.
D- Um, because they don't have them in a cage

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