Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Every day questions....April and May

Tell me a joke.
T- How do you cross a teacher and a crab? Snappy Answers
P- Knock, knock. Who's there? Um, Boo. Boo who? Sorry I made you cry!
D- Nope. You tell me a joke.

How come your elbows only bend one way?
T- Because you don't have a double joint
P- It doesn't.
D- Because California and elbows

How does a tomato grow?
T- Um, by being planted
P- By planting it and giving it water
D- A tato is in the world and clouds and sky

What is something that makes you different from everyone else?
T- I have glasses
P- Meeting new people
D- Peyton always kicks me in the butt

How long has Mom and Dad been in love?
T- 10 years
P- 70 years I guess. No, 50.
D- Because we say "I love you"

When you are a parent, what will you name your kids?
T- Um, Jack and Mary
P- Mr. Taryn and Miss Daisy
D- Peyton and Taryn

Does Minnie Mouse have brothers and sisters?
T- No
P- Yeah
D- Yeah

What is bacon?
T- Bacon is pig
P- Bacon
D- Bacon goes on hamburgers

Why do grown ups drink coffee?
T- Cause they just do. It's good, I guess.
P- Why? I don't even know. So they can get strong?
D- Because you always drink coffee

Why did Mom and Dad get married?
T- I don't know
P- I don't know
D- You always get married

How much water does a swimming pool hold?
T- 50 oz
P- 50 gallons of water
D- So much

What is a dictator?
T- Um, uh, I don't know. Really.
P- A dictator? No clue. You tell me
D- You always been a dictator. You always eat string cheese.

Who is Roy Williams?
T- Famous football player
P- A kid?
D- A guy. He flies

What is a diamond made of?
T- Obsidian and bedrock
P- Shiny jewels
D- Money

How much does a gallon of gas cost?
T- $15
P- 180 cents
D- $2.00

How many types of germs are there?
T- Thousands
P- 1,000 or 1 million
D- one.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
T- Police Officer
P- A bus driver or teacher. A police
D- A princess

Why do we have 10 toes?
T- So we can move our feet
P- So because, um...if you don't have 10 toes, I don't know.
D- Because we always listen

Can you breath under water?
T- No, but I wish I could
P- No. Unless you have a suit on
D- Yes

Who is Bob Marley?
T- A baseball player
P- A bus driver
D- Charlie

What is internet?
T- What you play games and do research on
P- You can play stuff on it, like Temple Run
D- Cool

What is the temperature outside?
T- 61 or 63
P- 60 something. 61 maybe?
D- Cold

How many days old are you?
T- 600. 1 million days old
P- 20 or 50
D- 12

What makes a pen work?
T- The ink
P- Um, the ink
D- You just fix it.

Why do bats hang upside down?
T- Because they sleep in the day and stay up all night
P- So they can sleep. They can't sleep on the ground of they will be eaten
D- On a tree

Why do you like being a kid?
T- Cause I do funner stuff and I don't have to work
P- So we get presents and stuff for our birthdays, that's why.
D- because little kids always be big kids

What is Mom's middle name?
T- Lyne (his spelling)
P- I don't know
D- Um, Mama Jayde Ballard

What is Dad's middle name?
T- Joul (his spelling)
P- Tyler
D- Tyler

How many kids do you want to have when you are a grown up?
T- 2
P- 1 or 2
D- 2

How old will you be when you get married?
T- I don't know. 26
P- 25 or maybe 30
D- Mama

How much does Mom weigh?
T- 160lbs
P- 27lbs and 9 inches
D- I need to go pee.

How old is Grandma Mae?
T- 63, I think
P- Maybe 50
D- 3

Do you want tattoos when you grow up?
T- No, they hurt
P- Yeah, because they will be awesome, like spiders and stuff
D- You mean tic tacs?

What is Netflix?
T- It's a channel or thing that lets you watch tv shows and stuff
P- Things that have lots of shows like Ben10
D- You watch Superhero Squad

What does a stranger look like?
T- Anything
P- Like nice or mean. Scary
D- Because he bes ugly.

How old is Caillou?
T- 5
P- 5 like I am
D- 28

What color is a giraffe's tongue?
T- Blue
P- Pink. No, not pink. Pink and red
D- Cool

Why do farts stink?
T- Cause they just stink
P- Because it comes out your butt and when you poop it stinks so when you fart it stinks
D- Because you always fart in the toilet

What animals lay eggs?
T- A bird. A reptile. Amphibians
P- Turtles. Penguins. Fish
D- Some dinosaurs do.

Where do fish sleep?
T- Fish don't sleep because they do not have eyelids
P- In water. Under rocks
D- In water.

Why don't people have tails?
T- Because they aren't animals
P- Because then they would be animals
D- Because we do

Why do dogs dig holes?
T- Because they want to escape
P- So they can get out of the yard and meet other dogs
D- Because they dig in them cages

Why do rocks float?
T- There is gravity on the ground. You should know that, Mom.
P- Cause then the world would float
D- Because them can't.

What is concrete made of?
T- Rocks and gravel
P- Rocks
D- Um, paper

How can you save electricity?
T- By turning off water when you're brushing your teeth
P- By turning off the lights
D- Don't ask me anymore questions

Where does rain come from?
T- The clouds
P- Clouds
D- Um, water

What is the biggest number?
T- No one knows because numbers never stop
P- Maybe like 1 million, 2 billion million thousand and 24
D- C is.

What did you like best about Daisy's birthday party?
T- Barely anything
P- We had cake and Daisy got Pinkalicious books and having friends over and the pictures I made
D- A rainbow

Tell me something you love about Daisy.
T- She's cute, funny, and um, pretty
P- She's nice and she's pretty and always shares her strawberries
D- Daisy

What size shoe does Daisy wear?
T- 4
P- 3 or maybe 2
D- Princess

What is a thrift shop?
T- Where you get used toys and stuff
P- Used toys are there
D- Uh, medicine

How many more hours of school do you have?
T- 7
P- 2 or 4
D- 3

What does it mean to graduate?
T- It means to get ready for the next grade. You get a diploma.
P- To do songs and stuff. Very last day of school
D- I always play basketball

What are you most excited about summer?
T- I can do free stuff, get up early and swim
P- My birthday is in summer
D- I swim in water

What were you feeling the night we went into the storm shelter?
T- Scared
P- Scared
D- Because a girl was holding me

Where do phone numbers come from?
T- Telephone lines
P- Uh, I don't know. People?
D- Crs

What is the first thing you want to do when we get to California?
T- Visit everyone
P- Find a house
D- Uh, play with monster trucks. Big ones.

Why does the sun hurt your eyes?
T- Cause, um, it's so bright.
P- Because it's so bright
D- Because the eyes made me do it.

What is water made of?
T- Water comes from clouds, rain
P- Maybe um, salt
D- A waterfall

How many pennies are in $1,000?
T- 1 million pennies
P- 1,000
D- 3, 4, 5, 6

What was the best thing about May?
T- Daisy's birthday
P- All the flowers that came up
D- 3

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