Thursday, July 18, 2013

I did it!

Not everyone knows about my anxiety issues. Some days I forget about them and some days it's impossible to forget or ignore.

Anyways, I've had my permit twice in my life. Once, I let it expire because I wasn't ready to try for my license. I had it the second time up until July 15th.

July 15th, 2013, at age 27 and 6 months, I got my driver's license. For any normal person, it's hard to understand why it took me so long. For me, it was one of the biggest days of my life, aside from meeting Tyler and having my babies. It was probably one of my biggest, best accomplishments.

I get shit all the time about not driving. No one really, truly gets why I didn't WANT to drive or how I've made it this long without driving. Friends and family have always given me grief about it, without asking WHY I didn't get my license. Funny how someone can have such a strong opinion about something, yet doesn't bother to ask my reasoning behind it. If more of them had just asked, they may have understood what I was going through, instead they judged and ridiculed me, which was just discouraging.

A few close friends, my mom, and Tyler are probably the only people who cared enough to let me explain my side. They cared enough to encourage me when I went to them READY to take this on.

Beth was my savior in this adventure. Her daughter got her license and she posted on Facebook about it. I saw the post and it sparked something in me....It just clicked. I knew I was ready. My permit would have expired on August 11th, 6 months from the day I passed my permit test and I was running out of time.

I asked Beth to take me driving. With the permit, I had to have a licensed adult over 25 in the car while I practiced driving. I knew she'd be perfect because I'm comfortable around her, she can stand the cussing that I was sure would happen, she loves and can handle my kids (who would be along for the ride), and she was available. She agreed and Tyler left the car for me (he's brave!). Friday morning we drove all over Berryville and around Eureka. Before this, I had driven as far as the preschool and that was about it. Besides around Tulare and Visalia here and there, years ago.

Anyways, after just a few minutes of driving, I knew I could handle this. I knew it was time for me to get my license. I wasn't scared anymore. I wasn't worrying myself sick. I wasn't freaking myself out anymore.

So, we drove for awhile on Friday and made a date for Monday morning for more driving. I thought Wednesday would be a good day to take my road test, but after being in the car Monday, I went for it! We stopped at the gas station in Eureka and got the kids Sprites and chips to snack on with Beth while Carley and I went with the deputy. I was a little nervous, but knew it was the right time.

There was a bit of insurance shit for me to figure out once I got there. Got that straightened out, thanks to the awesome B at Nationwide. Once that was done, I went downstairs, got signed in, and we headed out to the parking lot. The kids and Beth went and found a shady spot and he told me to move the car to the lower part of the parking lot. Went and parked and he had me do the signals, hazard lights, honk the horn, etc. He also told me to turn on the bright lights. I laughed and said "I am not even going to pretend to know how to do that." He showed me how to turn them on and then went through the other stuff again and asked me again how to turn them on. He said "I'll just pretend like you knew it the first time I asked you." Works for me!

Got in the car, headed out (remembered to stop before pulling out of the parking lot, unlike a friend's son LOL) and we were on our way! I even remembered to breath. We headed out into Eureka. I was thinking we'd go downtown but nope, just turned as if we were, he told me to pull into the parking lot, go around and come back out. Easy peasy. Then, we headed right back. He talked the whole time about how he had a boat for sale, no one wanted it, he decided to take it on vacation and someone wanted to buy it. I said something about how I have given up on selling our house and he said "Nope. Just know, it's going to happen. Soon. It'll happen just like this. You've given up, so now you'll have a buyer. Just watch." I sure hope he's right.

We were only gone for a couple minutes. It was so calm and I wasn't nervous at all. Carley cried for just a second and I apologized and he said "She's fine. She can't hurt me from locked in that seat." True. Unless you need your hearing.

Got back and he said "Park between those two cop cars." I said "I suck at parking." He said, "I don't care. Pull in there and we'll pretend like you did a good job." LOL I did just that. Parked crooked as hell.

He said I looked comfortable and not nervous at all. What.a.relief.

I was seriously in shock. I went straight to the revenue office and got my license! I wish I'd been prepared for having my picture taken, though. I didn't even do anything with my hair and I had purple eyeliner on! Oh well.

I immediately took a picture of my license and sent it to Tyler. Of course, he didn't respond right away lol....Typical.

So, here I am, 27 years old and I finally have my license. I don't  care what anyone else thinks or what they have to say anymore...I'm damn proud of myself.

I even drove to the health dept. the next day. BY MYSELF. First time in my life.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I freakin' love summer. It's hot, we get to play in the water every day, I can get some sun. Sunshine improves my mood 1,000 times over. Oh and the river! We LOVE going to the river. If only we'd get some damn rain, we could go again. Last time, a few days ago, it was SO low. Gross.

Carley absolutely LOVES the water. She'd sit in front of that sprinkler all day if I'd let her. Of course, we don't stay out long because of the heat.

Taryn just likes to run around. He's a nut.

Peyton is big on sitting in his tub. Or Hillbilly Pool as it's been called lol He likes to submerge himself in the water and chill. Weird for him!

Daisy is my little sun bather. She's covered in sunblock, but she still thinks she's "tanning"...ha!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Every day questions....June

How many days are in June?
T- 30
P- 30
D- 3, 4, 5, or 6

What was your favorite thing about Silver Dollar City?
T- The Outlaw Run, the scariest coaster on Earth.
P- All the games and rides
D- I rode on roller coasters and played with Dad. I went on slide.

What size ring do you wear?
T- 4.5 I think
P- 5. Maybe.
D- Uh, this one. Pink

Are you excited about Grandma Kim and Papa Bill coming to visit?
T- Yes! A lot. It's going to be fun.
P- Yes. Because they are nice.
D- Yes! Because them always come.

What was the best part of Grandma and Papa's visit?
T- Just them coming
P- When we went swimming
D- Doctor

What causes humidity?
T- Hotness
P- What huminity?
D- Parties

What's your favorite thing to draw with chalk?
T- Um, just random drawings
P- Anything. Oh fine, um, let's see....people
D- A chalk can

What do you like about going to the river?
T- Cause I found a tad pole
P- Um, because there's lots of sea shells and I like swimming
D- I spwim in the water

Do you like long car trips?
T- Um, kind of. When we go somewhere special.
P- No.
D- Uh, yeah.

What is our phone number?
T- 559-302-****
P- 559-302-5160
D- 12345

Taryn got it right, btw :)

What is our address?
T- He got it right
P- He got it right and added "That's all."
D- Been 2.

How many people are in our family?
T- 5. No, 6.
P- 6. That's easy.
D- House

What is your favorite color?
T- Light red
P- Gold
D- Green

What are crayons made of?
T- Pastels
P- I don't know. Maybe plastic
D- Made of chalk

What is a firefly?
T- A firefly that lights up also known as a lightning bug
P- A fly that lights up like fire
D- Flier fly.

How many legos do we have?
T- I don't know. We have a lot of them.
P- Like 2 billion
D- 3

Spell Peyton's middle name.
T- Cayde
P- Cayde
D- Okay. Peyton Cayde Ballard (she did not spell it out, btw)

What is Cousin Robert's middle name?
T- I do not know. Robert Ballard? Hmm Man, I don't know.
P- I don't really know because he never told me.
D- Cousin Robber

When did Peyton come into this world?
T- Uh, in June.
P- Um, when I was a baby
D- In the forest he was lost at.

What sound does a fish make?
T- Fish don't make sounds unless they're splashing.
P- I don't know. Blub blub
D- Muah muah

Why do we wish on shooting stars?
T- So we can make our wishes come true.
P- Because they shoot and they're magic
D- Um, because we look at them at a telescoke

Tell me something about Cousin Robert.
T- He likes Star Wars and he's the best cousin
P- He's the best. He has cool toys?
D- Cousin Robert has him birthday.

Do you want more brothers and sisters?
T- No
P- No. I want more brothers but not sisters
D- Yes, like Becca and Eli

Why do you like playing in the sprinkler?
T- Because we can get wet
P- Because it gets me wet when I'm hot
D- Because I run and shoot.

Why can only women be pregnant?
T- I don't know. Because they're girls
P- Because Dad's can't have milk out of their boobs
D- Because they pregnince.

What is your favorite thing about Peyton?
T- That he lets me play with him and he's smart.
P- Hahahaha because I like cake and meatballs
D- Don't ask me. Because Peyton always does.

What's the best thing about eating cupcakes?
T- Cause they have sprinkles and frosting
P- They make a mess on your face and it looks funny and they taste so good
D- Um, sprinkles

What is a due date?
T- It's when you have something you have to turn in on a date. It's due that day
P- I don't know
D- It looks like poodles

How much sleep does a person need to grow?
T- Um, probably about 15 hours
P- Um, like a whole night
D- Bigger

Why don't we drink milk straight from the cow?
T- Because milk has to be processed. The farmers add stuff to it.
P- Because we can't go in the fields where cows are because there are fences around them.
D- Um, because they don't have them in a cage

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Every day questions....April and May

Tell me a joke.
T- How do you cross a teacher and a crab? Snappy Answers
P- Knock, knock. Who's there? Um, Boo. Boo who? Sorry I made you cry!
D- Nope. You tell me a joke.

How come your elbows only bend one way?
T- Because you don't have a double joint
P- It doesn't.
D- Because California and elbows

How does a tomato grow?
T- Um, by being planted
P- By planting it and giving it water
D- A tato is in the world and clouds and sky

What is something that makes you different from everyone else?
T- I have glasses
P- Meeting new people
D- Peyton always kicks me in the butt

How long has Mom and Dad been in love?
T- 10 years
P- 70 years I guess. No, 50.
D- Because we say "I love you"

When you are a parent, what will you name your kids?
T- Um, Jack and Mary
P- Mr. Taryn and Miss Daisy
D- Peyton and Taryn

Does Minnie Mouse have brothers and sisters?
T- No
P- Yeah
D- Yeah

What is bacon?
T- Bacon is pig
P- Bacon
D- Bacon goes on hamburgers

Why do grown ups drink coffee?
T- Cause they just do. It's good, I guess.
P- Why? I don't even know. So they can get strong?
D- Because you always drink coffee

Why did Mom and Dad get married?
T- I don't know
P- I don't know
D- You always get married

How much water does a swimming pool hold?
T- 50 oz
P- 50 gallons of water
D- So much

What is a dictator?
T- Um, uh, I don't know. Really.
P- A dictator? No clue. You tell me
D- You always been a dictator. You always eat string cheese.

Who is Roy Williams?
T- Famous football player
P- A kid?
D- A guy. He flies

What is a diamond made of?
T- Obsidian and bedrock
P- Shiny jewels
D- Money

How much does a gallon of gas cost?
T- $15
P- 180 cents
D- $2.00

How many types of germs are there?
T- Thousands
P- 1,000 or 1 million
D- one.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
T- Police Officer
P- A bus driver or teacher. A police
D- A princess

Why do we have 10 toes?
T- So we can move our feet
P- So because, um...if you don't have 10 toes, I don't know.
D- Because we always listen

Can you breath under water?
T- No, but I wish I could
P- No. Unless you have a suit on
D- Yes

Who is Bob Marley?
T- A baseball player
P- A bus driver
D- Charlie

What is internet?
T- What you play games and do research on
P- You can play stuff on it, like Temple Run
D- Cool

What is the temperature outside?
T- 61 or 63
P- 60 something. 61 maybe?
D- Cold

How many days old are you?
T- 600. 1 million days old
P- 20 or 50
D- 12

What makes a pen work?
T- The ink
P- Um, the ink
D- You just fix it.

Why do bats hang upside down?
T- Because they sleep in the day and stay up all night
P- So they can sleep. They can't sleep on the ground of they will be eaten
D- On a tree

Why do you like being a kid?
T- Cause I do funner stuff and I don't have to work
P- So we get presents and stuff for our birthdays, that's why.
D- because little kids always be big kids

What is Mom's middle name?
T- Lyne (his spelling)
P- I don't know
D- Um, Mama Jayde Ballard

What is Dad's middle name?
T- Joul (his spelling)
P- Tyler
D- Tyler

How many kids do you want to have when you are a grown up?
T- 2
P- 1 or 2
D- 2

How old will you be when you get married?
T- I don't know. 26
P- 25 or maybe 30
D- Mama

How much does Mom weigh?
T- 160lbs
P- 27lbs and 9 inches
D- I need to go pee.

How old is Grandma Mae?
T- 63, I think
P- Maybe 50
D- 3

Do you want tattoos when you grow up?
T- No, they hurt
P- Yeah, because they will be awesome, like spiders and stuff
D- You mean tic tacs?

What is Netflix?
T- It's a channel or thing that lets you watch tv shows and stuff
P- Things that have lots of shows like Ben10
D- You watch Superhero Squad

What does a stranger look like?
T- Anything
P- Like nice or mean. Scary
D- Because he bes ugly.

How old is Caillou?
T- 5
P- 5 like I am
D- 28

What color is a giraffe's tongue?
T- Blue
P- Pink. No, not pink. Pink and red
D- Cool

Why do farts stink?
T- Cause they just stink
P- Because it comes out your butt and when you poop it stinks so when you fart it stinks
D- Because you always fart in the toilet

What animals lay eggs?
T- A bird. A reptile. Amphibians
P- Turtles. Penguins. Fish
D- Some dinosaurs do.

Where do fish sleep?
T- Fish don't sleep because they do not have eyelids
P- In water. Under rocks
D- In water.

Why don't people have tails?
T- Because they aren't animals
P- Because then they would be animals
D- Because we do

Why do dogs dig holes?
T- Because they want to escape
P- So they can get out of the yard and meet other dogs
D- Because they dig in them cages

Why do rocks float?
T- There is gravity on the ground. You should know that, Mom.
P- Cause then the world would float
D- Because them can't.

What is concrete made of?
T- Rocks and gravel
P- Rocks
D- Um, paper

How can you save electricity?
T- By turning off water when you're brushing your teeth
P- By turning off the lights
D- Don't ask me anymore questions

Where does rain come from?
T- The clouds
P- Clouds
D- Um, water

What is the biggest number?
T- No one knows because numbers never stop
P- Maybe like 1 million, 2 billion million thousand and 24
D- C is.

What did you like best about Daisy's birthday party?
T- Barely anything
P- We had cake and Daisy got Pinkalicious books and having friends over and the pictures I made
D- A rainbow

Tell me something you love about Daisy.
T- She's cute, funny, and um, pretty
P- She's nice and she's pretty and always shares her strawberries
D- Daisy

What size shoe does Daisy wear?
T- 4
P- 3 or maybe 2
D- Princess

What is a thrift shop?
T- Where you get used toys and stuff
P- Used toys are there
D- Uh, medicine

How many more hours of school do you have?
T- 7
P- 2 or 4
D- 3

What does it mean to graduate?
T- It means to get ready for the next grade. You get a diploma.
P- To do songs and stuff. Very last day of school
D- I always play basketball

What are you most excited about summer?
T- I can do free stuff, get up early and swim
P- My birthday is in summer
D- I swim in water

What were you feeling the night we went into the storm shelter?
T- Scared
P- Scared
D- Because a girl was holding me

Where do phone numbers come from?
T- Telephone lines
P- Uh, I don't know. People?
D- Crs

What is the first thing you want to do when we get to California?
T- Visit everyone
P- Find a house
D- Uh, play with monster trucks. Big ones.

Why does the sun hurt your eyes?
T- Cause, um, it's so bright.
P- Because it's so bright
D- Because the eyes made me do it.

What is water made of?
T- Water comes from clouds, rain
P- Maybe um, salt
D- A waterfall

How many pennies are in $1,000?
T- 1 million pennies
P- 1,000
D- 3, 4, 5, 6

What was the best thing about May?
T- Daisy's birthday
P- All the flowers that came up
D- 3

Everyday questions...March

What are Rice Krispies made of?
T- Rice and crisps of rice
P- Rice
D- A cherry

How big are your feet?
T- A foot long
P- Like, 5 inches
D- 2 months

What is your favorite book?
T- The Magic Treehouse, Civil War on Sunday
P- All of my Cat in the Hat books.
D- The Little Pigs

What makes tape sticky?
T- It has silkworm stuff on it, maybe?
P- Um, glue
D- The doctor ones.

Do you want to move? Why?
T- Yeah, because I can see my Grandmas and Grandpas and everyone
P- Uh, yes. Where are we moving at? I want to move to California because I want to see a big monster truck.
D- Yes, because.

Where do batteries come from?
T- Factories
P- A factory that makes batteries
D- From, um, tvs.

How does the microwave cook food?
T- It puts heat into the food
P- By heating it with fire and lights
D- Corn dogs

What is mustard made of?
T- Um, it's made of custard.
P- Sour stuff
D- Made of corn dogs

How many inches tall are you?
T- 10 of 6 inches. 50 inches
P- 16 inches
D- This tall.

What is a passion fruit? 
T- A fruit that's on Annoying Orange
P- A fruit. A purple fruit.
D- Um, because it's made of apples.

Where do leprechauns live?
T- In Ireland.
P- The North Pole
D- In them houses

Who invented the light bulb?
T- John Addison. Or John Adams.
P- A light bulb man. 
D- Me did. 

Where do marshmallows come from?
T- Stickyland
P- A marshmallow factory
D- Fruit Loops

What color is your skin?
T- White
P- Um, white-ish, tan-ish
D- Purple

What kind of dog is Matilda?
T- English Mastiff
P- Kind of a bull dog
D- Charlie

How old is Charlie?
T- 3. 3.5 years old
P- I don't know. 12 months
D- He came from Matilda

Why do we celebrate St. Patrick's Day?
T- To honor the leprechauns
P- Um, so leprechauns can be alive.
D- Because we're 'posed to!
What is a cemetery? 
T- A place where dead people live
P- Um, a place where everyone is dead at
D- Um, baby sister goes in it

^ creepy!

Where is Africa?
T- In Australia
P- Way, way far away
D- At California

How many feet is it from here to Texas?
T- 1,000
P- 1,000
D- Um, shoes go on me

Why do you get Spring break?
T- Cause it's a break
P- So we can have a little time off school
D- Because you go to bed

What is your favorite fruit?
T- Strawberries
P- Strawberries and apples
D- Fruit punches

You are the best at.....
T- fishing
P- skateboarding and basketball
D- drawing

The coolest person on Earth is...
T- Me
P- I cannot think of that
D- Um, Daisy is

What does Dad do while he's at work?
T- He makes chicken
P- Um, work
D- He always works out

What makes Mom happy?
T- When she doesn't have to do anything
P- Um, cleaning our rooms and all that
D- Um, laughing

How do you like to eat eggs?
T- I like them scrambled
P- With the shell not on them
D- I like to eat devil eggs

Why do we celebrate Easter?
T- So we can get candy and go Easter egg hunting
P- So we can get eggs
D- Because the Easter Bunny always gives me candy

What is Scooby Doo's last name?
T- Doo
P- Where Are You?
D- Scooby Doo's last name is his dog is brown.

How long is the weekend?
T- 48 hours
P- 7 days
D- 2

What is the best thing about Easter?
T- Easter egg hunting
P- The Easter Bunny comes
D- Easter Bunny gives me candy

Everyday questions

Starting on January 1st, 2013, I started to ask the kids one question, every day. Sometimes I miss a few days, but always catch myself up. Here they are so far.

What is the weather like?
Taryn- Little snowflakes
Peyton- Snowy
Daisy- I think it was cold like the fridge.

By the way, I ask them away from each other, so they can't hear each other's response.

Who is your favorite, Mom or Dad?
T- Both
P- Both
D- Um, Mom. And dad. And Mama and Daisy.

I write down EXACTLY what they say.

What is your favorite thing to eat?
T- I have two things, noodles and pizza. But not together.
P- I don't know. Umm, Hot Pockets and tacos.
D- Quesadilla

If you had $100.00, what would you buy?
T- A mansion
P- I don't know. A boat?
D- I wouldn't buy anything with it.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
T- A professional fisherman
P- A cop and an ice cream man.
D- Like a grown up.

If you could be any super hero, who would you be?
T- Hawkeye
P- Hulk
D- I'm gonna be a superhero. The green one. Hulk!

Okay, so I probably won't type them all up, but I'll try.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be?
T- California
P- At home.
D- In the lion world.

Who do you want to marry when you grown up?
T- I don't know.
P- I don't know.
D- Babies. I want to marry babies.

^That kid. She's full of random shit.

What is your favorite thing about yourself?
T- My glasses
P- My feet
D- Umm, my lap. (She meant her laugh, she chuckled)

The best song ever is...
T- Zac Brown Band, Pair of Jeans (Chicken Fried)
P- Who let the dogs out?
D- A Christmas one. Santa

When do you become and adult?
T- 20?
P- When we're bigger
D- When we're big. Two.

Are you a good friend? Why do you think so?
T- Yes, because I always share.
P- Yeah, but I don't know why. I just am.
D- No, because I'm a Daisy.

If you could invent something that would make life easier for people, what would it be?
T- Hmm, flying cars
P- A machine that could make people better at puzzles
D- Something else for people

What is your favorite holiday?
T- Christmas
P- Halloween and Christmas
D- Christmas

When you are sad, what cheers you up?
T- Playing my video game because then I forget about everything.
P- Nothing.
D- Umm, math.

What do you think is beyond the stars?
T- More stars
P- The moon
D- Stars

Tell me something about Grandma Teri.
T- She's really nice and she's your mom.
P- She sends us presents.
D- She's nice and lives in Arkansas.

Who is the meanest kid you know?
T- Jojo
P- Jericka, because she always gets in trouble.
D- The meanest kid playing with a kitty.

What's your favorite thing about Dad?
T- He buys me video games
P- He's nice and I like when he buys us pizza
D- He gets us presents and he's nice and nothing else.

What do you want to do this summer?
T- Go to California
P- Swim and play water balloons and wash my monkeys and eat gum and play in the sprinklers.
D- Get in the summer and play balloons.

Where does hamburger come from?
T- Cows
P- Chickens
D- California

What is a spatula?
T- Type of thing you flip patties with
P- A thing that flips patties
D- A spatula goes with krabby patties and flips them up and Spongebob catches them and washes dishes.

What's your favorite thing about Mom?
T- You let us have $1.00 instead of .50cents for popcorn and you're nice.
P- You're nice and I like when you give me ice cream.
D- Mama is real and nice and looks like a jelly fish.

How long does it take to get from Arkansas to California?
T- One or two days.
P- 50 miles, 2 days.
D- California is too far!

Why do you need to wear a helmet?
T- Because if you fall, you'll get really hurt
P- Cause you might fall and bust your head
D- You'll fall and get your head open

Who is God?
T- Um, he's a guy who is dead and went up to Heaven, I think.
P- That guy who lives up in the sky.
D- God is you.

^ Hilarious.

How much does an elephant weigh?
T- 542lbs
P- 10lbs
D- Elephant is big. 2lbs.

What's your favorite cereal?
T- Lucky Charms and Fruit Loops
P- The Fruit Loops with the marshmallows and Lucky Charms
D- Honey Boats cereal (Honey Bunches of Oats)

What is your favorite animal?
T- A bear shark.
P- An elephant
D- An animal called a lion.

How much did you weigh when you were born?
T- I don't know. 15lbs?
P- Um, 1 pound.
D- 28lbs

What does a starfish eat?
T- Seaweed
P- Nothing
D- Umm, in the water. He eats food. His own food.

Whew! That took a bit longer than I thought it would.

Why is the sky blue?
T- Cause the clouds made it blue? I don't know.
P- Cause God made it blue.
D- Because the sun is blue.

The best candy ever, is....
T- Hershey's
P- Reese's, Hershey's, bananas and Airheads
D- The candy for Halloween. Chocolate.

What are rainbows made of?
T- 3 dimensional glass that shines off of water
P- Colors
D- Them made of rainbows

If you could give every kid a gift, what would it be?
T- A bunch of puppies
P- A monster truck that has 50,000 ice cream makers on it.
D- A rainbow

Where did Mom and Dad get your name from?
T- From the tv
P- I don't know. A person? A person named Peyton.
D- From Walmart

If you wrote a book right now, what would it be about?
T- How to take care of a dog
P- Creepy monsters and pretty dogs
D- A sticker thing

Why do we have feet?
T- So we can walk
P- So we can walk and help do stuff
D- Because you're really old

What would happen if we never cut our fingernails?
T- They'd grow long and we'd start scratching people.
P- They would get yucky.
D- They would be funny.

What do you like most about basketball?
T- Getting to shoot baskets and run around.
P- It's really fun.
D- Because they want to play basketball and a tiger.

What do you like about your teacher?
T- She's very, very nice and she's pretty.
P- She's really nice and I like when she gives us homework to do and papers to color.
D- Her gives me folders

What time is it in China? (7:08am)
T- 7:08 in the afternoon
P- 5:15 in the afternoon
D- Um, 2:08 at night

Favorite kind of cookie?
T- Fudge Striped and chocolate chip
P- I love all kinds of cookies. Fudge Striped and chocolate chip and Oreos
D- Hard cookies because they're hard. I love the chocolate ones.

What does it mean to love someone?
T- To like them. To buy them stuff.
P- I don't know? To get married.
D- I don't want to do this!

Who is your Valentine?
T- Mom
P- Mrs. Helmlinger
D- Dad

What is ranch dressing made of?
T- Ranch. Salad
P- I don't know. Ranch? That's all.
D- Made of plates.

If you could only drink one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
T- Water
P- Water and milk. Okay, water.
D- A drink. A slushee.

Where does gas come from?
T- From someone farting
P- Gas station
D- The car

Who makes our clothes?
T- People who work at clothes shops
P- God
D- Um, they do. Daddy does

What is your favorite outfit?
T- My Halloween costume
P- My snoopy shirt and cool jeans
D- A swimmin' suit

Tell me something about Winter.
T- Um, we can throw snowballs and make snowmen
P- It's really cold outside. It's freezing.
D- It, Winter, goes with Summer.

What is thunder?
T- Um, when two clouds bump into each other
P- Big lightning that comes down
D- Makes noises

What are snowflakes made of?
T- Snow
P- Water
D- Like, tennis shoes. Rapunzel

How many teeth do you have?
T- 26
P- Like, 5 million
D- 28

Who do you look like?
T- I don't know. Kensey?
P- Carley
D- Um, like Daisy.

Who is Slim Shady?
T- He's a guy who plays Eminem
P- Who is Slim Shady? I don't know who she is. She's no one.
D- Um, her Macey.

How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
T- 14. No, none because a wood chuck can't chuck wood.
P- One.
D- 5.

What is your favorite thing about Carley?
T- She's cute and funny
P- She's really cute and pretty
D- Hers cute and funny and her laughs

February was great, because...
T- Because of Valentine's Day
P- Um, cause it's awesome
D- A party with the Valentine's

Okay, that's enough for now...I'll come back and add more!

I'm beginning to think I'm not cut out for this blogging thing.

I just can't seem to keep up with it. I suck!

I'm going to keep trying....

Our babies

Our babies
May 2013