Sunday, June 2, 2013

SDC, Baby!

Thanks to Tyler and Emily, who had passes that needed to be used, we got to take the kids to Silver Dollar City today!

It was sorta chilly but not too bad. No playing IN the water, though.

We had fun! It was the boys' first time and they loved it. Emily and I took the kids on a lot of the smaller kid rides while the Tylers hung out with Carley (while she mostly slept).

The Tylers and Taryn went on Outlaw Run, though! Can you believe that?! Tyler swears that Taryn passed out at one point, haha! I'm proud of him for being brave and getting on, even if he admits to being scared, after the fact. He doesn't want to do it again, though. Peyton was 1/2 inch too short to go on it, and I'm pretty happy about that. Especially after Tyler said Peyton would NOT have done well.

We enjoyed a big cinnamon bun between the whole family, too. I think that was Peyton's favorite part ;)

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