Monday, May 20, 2013

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Tyler had softball yesterday and it was too hot for us to go sit in out in the sun. We decided to run to Ace and grab a sprinkler to play in, instead!

I didn't realize it was 90 degrees outside, thought it was more like 80. I was totally wrong and got a wonky sun burn on my arms :/  Good thing the kids were slathered in sun block!

Taryn loves to pretend. He was pretending he was some character from Assassins Creed (a video game he plays). He had a blast squirting everyone with the water gun. Which reminds me, we need to get a couple more of them. One gun for three kids, just doesn't cut it.

Peyton had the most fun running through the sprinkler. He loved drinking from it and thought it was funny to stick his butt in the water, LOL. He also thought "tanning" (or drying off, if you ask me) was "so cool!" 

Daisy had fun. She loves to be outside and loves the water. She ran around and "tanned" and squirted the boys with the water gun. It was crazy though, she came up to me complaining about Taryn not sharing and her nose just started gushing blood! I mean, pouring. I couldn't remember if I was supposed to tip her head forward or back, so I just tipped it forward into a towel. I called Tyler, but his phone was in the car and didn't answer, so I called Mom. Man, that was crazy! I think I've only ever dealt with one other nose bleed. She wasn't bothered by it outside, but she refused to touch the towel to put it in the wash.

Carley just hung out in her walker, most of the time we were out there. I put her by the water a few times so she could cool off. I don't think she hated it, but she was glad it only lasted a minute or so, LOL. The last half hour that we were outside, she nursed and took a nap. 

Here are a few more pictures. I just love watching the kids play together (when they get along!)

Hot, sunny, summer days are some of my favorite times......It helps my mood stay up and happy and I just love being outside with these crazy kids.

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