Friday, May 31, 2013

End of May

Slacking already. I suck.

Let's see.....School got out on Tuesday. Summer vacay, Baby! I would like it, IF it weren't ugly outside, so the kids could play out there. Oh and if the stupid bumble bees would stay away.

It's already the end of May. Kinda hard to believe that!

Last night we had shit weather again. Tornado warning as soon as I fell asleep. Luckily Nicole was on FB (HA!) and we made our way to her shelter. I keep telling her we crashed her late night party. It was fun....11 people and 2 dogs in a shelter. At least we were safe!

Peyton and I made a countdown for his birthday. 26 pieces of paper that we wrote a number on and he's decorating. Tomorrow we start!

We will be having California visitors next week and we are all excited! The kids can't freakin' wait to see Grandma and Papa. Tyler can't wait for some China Garden.

I should probably get my house ready for company, huh? *sigh* I'm so tired of cleaning every.single.day, though. I have to keep the house "show ready" even though we aren't having many showings :/

So, May has been fun, but bring on June!

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