Thursday, May 23, 2013

Crazy weather!

I have no idea why Blogger is being stupid and not letting me rearrange the pictures in the order they should be in. So, sorry....

Monday night (I think it was Monday, lol) I was sitting on the computer, minding my own business. I saw a friend on Facebook posted that we were under a tornado warning. I thought, warning? Last I had checked, it was just a watch.

 I checked The Weather Channel and sure as shit, we were under a warning. So, I tell Tyler and we go outside to check things out. We got the dogs inside, took some pictures, and I was texting Mom. The neighbor from down the street was getting his wife in their shelter and came over to talk to Tyler. He said we were welcome to come get in there if we wanted to.

I came inside and got my phone and put the kids in my room, Taryn holding the baby. I went out to look with Tyler and it started raining and the wind was STRONG. We still weren't sure if we were going to get in the shelter or not, but the sky was UGLY. I got the kids, threw Daisy on my back and carried Carley, Tyler had the boys, and we stood on the porch for a minute. The wind pulled on my arm that I was holding Carley with and the sky was swirling and I knew we should go.

We headed out, down the street, in the rain and wind, to the shelter. Taryn opened it and the old couple welcomed us in, helping to get the kids down in there safely. I felt weird at first, but ya know.....I got over it. We were all safe (except my puppies :( ) and that was most important.

We were down there for awhile. 30 minutes, maybe? At one point, we could hear hail (I think) but not much else. I took a few pictures while we were in there, because I had to.

We came out and thanked the couple for letting us hang out with them for a bit and sent the kids to bed. Didn't see much in the way of damage and the storm wasn't over, but it wasn't bad anymore, either.

It was a crazy ass experience. We've lived in Arkansas since December 2008 and this was the first time we had been in a storm shelter. The kids, especially Peyton, were very scared. Peyton was so worried that we would come out of the shelter and have no house and no Bullseye. Taryn said something along the lines of "If the tornado destroys our house, no one will want to buy a pile of junk"...he was calm and wanted to go to bed. Daisy was having fun playing with Sophie the poodle :)

There was some damage, but nothing major at all. Lots of roof shingles everywhere, a mailbox was torn down, some branches and such. Our neighbor's roof is messed up in some spots.

I am thankful everyone is okay, but I was sure scared! Especially since this was the day after the Moore, OK tornado. Look how beautiful it was after the storm, though.

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