Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Daisy Jayde

Taryn Jayce

Miss Matilda

Peyton Cayde

34 weeks!

34 weeks pregnant today!
Pretty crazy that this baby could come, basically any time.
Hopefully she'll hang out until 38 weeks or so.....4 more weeks!
She's definitely head down. My hips and pelvis are letting me know.
Tyler got to feel a foot the other night. He thinks it's creepy, kinda like Alien :) It's pretty awesome when we can see and feel actual parts of her body through my belly.
The kids LOVE feeling her move and watching my belly do weird things.
My feet are still super swollen most of the time, my hands are getting bad, also.
So is my face.

I think we're ready for her to come!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

32 weeks pregnant!

Holy belly! 32 weeks now! Not much longer to go. I am super excited. Baby girl (she has a name, but we aren't sharing until she's born), moves A LOT in there. She loves to stick a foot out to the side and it looks so cool. I am doing pretty well so far. I am having some gallbladder issues still, but BP has been good and weight gain is ok. My feet and hands have really started to swell, but it's not constant just yet, so I'm ok with that. All in all, this has been a pretty easy pregnancy. Tyler thinks I'm going to have her at 38 weeks...that would be perfect!

Fun in the sun....and the mud!

The kids made a "river" in our backyard the other day. They made a dam and a bridge and a "mud pool" and had a BLAST! It has been pretty damn hot here, so playing in the water is a must. Yesterday we played in the sprinkler for awhile. It was funny to watch the kids run through and make silly faces. Peyton wouldn't leave the damn water faucet alone, though, and he kept turning the water too high and getting me and the neighbor's yard wet. Oh well, it was still fun! Not sure what we'll do today.

Our babies

Our babies
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