Friday, April 6, 2012

Potty Training Success!

I am SO happy not to have to change diapers anymore! I'll get a nice little break until July/August...woohoo!

Today is day 10 of potty training and I think she's got it! The first couple days we had some accidents. Yesterday was the first day she asked to go to the toilet all by herself, which is a HUGE accomplishment in the potty training world.

She didn't have a single accident yesterday, peed and pooped in the potty only. She gets so excited and she's so proud of herself when she goes!

She will still wear a diaper at night for awhile, but this morning she woke up dry and I went in and peed and she asked me to go too! Another big accomplishment. That shows me that she's got it.

Yay for not having to deal with diapers for awhile!

Go Daisy!

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