Thursday, March 1, 2012

He can see!


Peyton saw the eye doctor today (in his pajamas, it was pj day at school!).

The appt. went really good.

Doctor said his right eye is 20/20 and his left 20/25. He said he's at an age where that is pretty normal, not having the same in both sides, but that it could get better or it may get worse over time. Not a big deal at all.

So, he wants to see him back in a year.

He was so funny during the appointment. He was sitting in the chair and had to sit criss cross applesauce. He was trying to keep his hands in his lap but he'd lean forward too far to look through the thing in front of him, and hit his face on it. He couldn't get right to it without hitting it, unless he grabbed the bar, lol.

Then, he kept trying to cheat. He was supposed to read the letters he saw with one eye covered but he kept slowly moving the cover away and trying to peak. It was so funny, the doctor was laughing the whole time.

He let Peyton push the button to move the chair down to the ground (it was up high so he could reach the equipment) and Peyt thought that was the coolest thing. He asked me why he didn't have one those at home, LOL.

Taryn had an appointment on the 6th and Daisy has one on the 23rd. Taryn says he can't see, so hopefully the doctor will have some answers as to what's going on....if anything.

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