Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blind as a bat

Ok, not really, but damn!

Taryn had an eye doctor appointment yesterday.

He's been complaining for a few weeks that he couldn't see. I wasn't sure if he was full of it or if he really couldn't see, so I went ahead and made the appointment.

Ya, good thing I did.

The doctor said he really couldn't see anything and it's probably been that way for a couple years. Crazy, because his 3 year check up, his eyes were perfect. He hasn't complained at all until recently and never had problems in school, with reading, headaches, nothing.

Apparently his eyes are BAD. Like, really bad. So, he chose a pair of frames, olive green and black thick plastic rectangular ones, and they will be here in 2 weeks.

He was kinda sad at first, but then this morning came in the kitchen and told me, "I have a few friends at school that wear glasses, and Parker wears glasses, so it'll be ok".....

I assured him he'll look super handsome and he'll be happy to be able to see clearly.

So, I feel bad because I didn't take him in sooner, but really, I didn't see the need. I guess if he had complained I would have....but that's ok, he will get all fixed up now!

I'll post pictures when his glasses come in.

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