Friday, March 30, 2012

Please take a moment....

to visit this blog.


Ashley is a part of our May Mamas group. She's a very special, strong woman and has been through more than anyone should ever have to. She is amazingly bright and has started a great organization in her son's name. It's called BECKETT BEARS.

If you can, please donate, or at least spread the word!

Also, here is a link to a newspaper article about Ashley's family and the organization.

Take a look!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blind as a bat

Ok, not really, but damn!

Taryn had an eye doctor appointment yesterday.

He's been complaining for a few weeks that he couldn't see. I wasn't sure if he was full of it or if he really couldn't see, so I went ahead and made the appointment.

Ya, good thing I did.

The doctor said he really couldn't see anything and it's probably been that way for a couple years. Crazy, because his 3 year check up, his eyes were perfect. He hasn't complained at all until recently and never had problems in school, with reading, headaches, nothing.

Apparently his eyes are BAD. Like, really bad. So, he chose a pair of frames, olive green and black thick plastic rectangular ones, and they will be here in 2 weeks.

He was kinda sad at first, but then this morning came in the kitchen and told me, "I have a few friends at school that wear glasses, and Parker wears glasses, so it'll be ok".....

I assured him he'll look super handsome and he'll be happy to be able to see clearly.

So, I feel bad because I didn't take him in sooner, but really, I didn't see the need. I guess if he had complained I would have....but that's ok, he will get all fixed up now!

I'll post pictures when his glasses come in.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Purple People Eater

Fitting, isn't it?

We traded the truck in and got this. It seats 8 and has a ton of space! I love, love, love it!

It's a Saturn Outlook, a crossover, I guess.

It's been so awesome...my favorite part of the whole thing is the seat warmers, lol. Oooh the things that make me happy.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

He can see!


Peyton saw the eye doctor today (in his pajamas, it was pj day at school!).

The appt. went really good.

Doctor said his right eye is 20/20 and his left 20/25. He said he's at an age where that is pretty normal, not having the same in both sides, but that it could get better or it may get worse over time. Not a big deal at all.

So, he wants to see him back in a year.

He was so funny during the appointment. He was sitting in the chair and had to sit criss cross applesauce. He was trying to keep his hands in his lap but he'd lean forward too far to look through the thing in front of him, and hit his face on it. He couldn't get right to it without hitting it, unless he grabbed the bar, lol.

Then, he kept trying to cheat. He was supposed to read the letters he saw with one eye covered but he kept slowly moving the cover away and trying to peak. It was so funny, the doctor was laughing the whole time.

He let Peyton push the button to move the chair down to the ground (it was up high so he could reach the equipment) and Peyt thought that was the coolest thing. He asked me why he didn't have one those at home, LOL.

Taryn had an appointment on the 6th and Daisy has one on the 23rd. Taryn says he can't see, so hopefully the doctor will have some answers as to what's going on....if anything.

Blue and Gold Banquet

The cub scouts had their blue and gold banquet awhile back.

The boys were so proud of themselves, you could tell!

Taryn got some of his belt loops and we ate and had cupcakes and stuff.

I loved that the boys were all in their uniforms.

Congratulations Pack 128!!!!

Baby update!

(pics are at 18 weeks)

Ok, so where do I start?

I had a bleeding episode two weeks ago? I don't know exactly. It was on a Sunday night.

I talked to my doctor on Wednesday? and she sent me to the hospital here in Berryville for an ultrasound, just to make sure everything was ok.

The baby looked PERFECT. Everything measured as it was supposed to and we are pretty dang sure it's a girl! Pretty exciting if you ask me. The u/s tech kept looking and looking to see if she could find any boy parts, but we couldn't see anything, so she was pretty confident (and so am I) that it's a girl.

She checked to see if she could tell where the bleeding was coming from and she said it was more than likely from the placenta sitting so low.

I talked to my doctor later that day and she said that I have something called Placenta Previa, meaning my placenta sits low and can cause bleeding.

So, not a major issue, because the placenta CAN move up when everything else starts to move, but if it DOESN'T I will have to have a c-section.

She said there is a GOOD chance it will move because it's not TOO bad, marginal is the word she used, so I'm confident that I'll still be able to have a vaginal birth. At least, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that's how it'll work out.

She still wanted to see me, so I went in to my regular appointment on Friday (of last week). I weighed in at 158lbs. Apparently my scale here at home is way off, so I really don't know what I started at. Probably 150 or so.

BP wasn't too bad. Belly measured right on track. Baby's heartbeat was nice and strong.

I had some labs done, but chose not to do the down syndrome testing, since the u/s looked great and I am at a low risk of anything being wrong with the baby. Unneccesary testing, IMO (and Tyler's).

I go back in a month for my regular OB appt. Next u/s is at 28 weeks to check on the previa again (and hopefully see that she's still a girl!)

Our babies

Our babies
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