Friday, January 20, 2012

Got a call from my doctor today.

She said she spoke with another doctor in the town she is in and a high risk OB out of Wichita and they've all decided the best thing at this point, is to leave the IUD where it's at.

It's in my cervix, not at the placenta or uterus, so my risk from here until the 3rd trimester is only 25% higher than the average, low risk pregnancy. Once I hit my third trimester, we'll just need to watch for signs of PTL, which I already knew.

So, I need to call the office and make an appt for around Feb. 6th for a regular appt. and I need to get in sometime next week for regular labs.

She said if I have any bleeding or intense pain, to go straight to the ER, but other than that to enjoy this surprise pregnancy!

And that's exactly what I plan to do!

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  1. well congrats and becarefull goodl uck to ya we will be praying for ya jessica all the best to u and ur family


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Our babies
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