Sunday, September 25, 2011


This weekend was so much fun!

Taryn had his first Cub Scout Camp Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

We went to Camp Orr, in Jasper, AR. It was Camp Wars and the theme was 'Go Bananas!'

The troop's "cheer" thingy, was "2,4,6,8...Who do we appreciate? Bananas! Go, Go, Bananas!" The kids kept screaming it, showing spirit and whatnot.

There weren't very many of us, but we still had fun anyways.

Taryn did AWESOME at Archery and shooting the bb guns. I think those were his favorite "events" of the weekend. He hit the bb target 23 times and told everyone that over and over again, LOL. He hit the target with the arrow three times! VERY cool!

We went on a short hike, but lemme tell you, it was no walk in the park! We had Daisy in a jogging stroller (lent to us by a friend) and Tyler had to get some help from a guy on the hike with us. The trail wasn't too bad, but there were a few spots where the stroller needed to be lifted up. I was in charge of Taryn and Matthew and my job was to not have a panic attack and to keep them from falling off the (steep) edge of the mountain! I about died halfway through, I am NOT a physical activity kind of person, LOL.

There was an arts and crafts group where the boys (and Daisy) colored a monkey slide that goes on their neck-kerchiefs (when we buy it, lol). Taryn made his monkey a zombie *sigh*

We had a campfire, ate (and ate, and ate), the kids played and colored rocks. There were lots of things for them to do. I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed themselves, I know we did!

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