Thursday, September 29, 2011

Peyton's parent teacher conference

Went GREAT! He's doing a lot better than last year. He's learning a lot, speech is going great and he's behaving better in class. We just really need to work on his outdoor play. I don't know why he's so rough at school.

We're definitely proud of our Boogie. He's growing up!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011


This weekend was so much fun!

Taryn had his first Cub Scout Camp Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

We went to Camp Orr, in Jasper, AR. It was Camp Wars and the theme was 'Go Bananas!'

The troop's "cheer" thingy, was "2,4,6,8...Who do we appreciate? Bananas! Go, Go, Bananas!" The kids kept screaming it, showing spirit and whatnot.

There weren't very many of us, but we still had fun anyways.

Taryn did AWESOME at Archery and shooting the bb guns. I think those were his favorite "events" of the weekend. He hit the bb target 23 times and told everyone that over and over again, LOL. He hit the target with the arrow three times! VERY cool!

We went on a short hike, but lemme tell you, it was no walk in the park! We had Daisy in a jogging stroller (lent to us by a friend) and Tyler had to get some help from a guy on the hike with us. The trail wasn't too bad, but there were a few spots where the stroller needed to be lifted up. I was in charge of Taryn and Matthew and my job was to not have a panic attack and to keep them from falling off the (steep) edge of the mountain! I about died halfway through, I am NOT a physical activity kind of person, LOL.

There was an arts and crafts group where the boys (and Daisy) colored a monkey slide that goes on their neck-kerchiefs (when we buy it, lol). Taryn made his monkey a zombie *sigh*

We had a campfire, ate (and ate, and ate), the kids played and colored rocks. There were lots of things for them to do. I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed themselves, I know we did!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Taryn's 7th Birthday Party

Turned out great!

It was storming outside, rained the whole time, but that was ok.

The Guest List included:
Cassie, Brent, and Parker Smith
Caley, Emily, and Becca Booth
Mallori, Jarrad, Garrett, and Kylee Gibson

Tyler made tacos and we had every topping you could imagine. The tacos turned out YUMMY!

Taryn's cake had a fisherman in a boat! It was pretty neat and he really liked it.

He got lots of presents and got to play with his friends.....

Monday, September 12, 2011

Had fun at the lake......

Helen and Joe invited us to the lake on Saturday. Joe has been working out of town and had a chance to come home for the weekend.

Kayla, Jerod, and Adalee, Jake, Kiesha, and Hunter, Tyler, Me, the boys, Daisy, and Tyler Keith all went!

Joe took us out on the boat for a little cruise around the lake. It was SO relaxing.

The boys played, the girls had fun in the rocks.....it was a nice day!

Just as we left, it started POURING.

THANKS for having us, guys!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fundraiser Alert!

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Student: Taryn Ballard
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Happy Birthday Bubba!

He wasn't very excited about having his picture taken at 7am!

Yesterday was Taryn's 7th birthday. Hard to believe, huh? I know!

I wrote him a note that said "Happy Birthday, Taryn. I love you and hope you have an awesome day!" and put it in his lunch box.

When the bus pulled up to drop him off, all the kids were singing Happy Birthday to him! He (we) thought that was AWESOME!

Then he came in and Tyler, Peyton, Daisy, and I sang to him and he made a wish on a cupcake :) We also gave him presents from Kim and Bill.

I think he had a pretty good birthday. He was asleep by 8pm!

Happy Birthday, Taryn. We love you more than you'll ever know.


Taryn- He's LOVING school! He really likes his teacher and has made lots of new friends. He said that his favorite part of school is reading chapter books with his teacher. THAT'S my boy! :) I'm happy he still has Mrs. Doss for a bus driver, she's awesome and I trust her to keep him safe! Oh and she doesn't call him Tyrone anymore, ha! He's in size 8 bottoms, large in tops, size 4 in shoes, and is getting so damn tall. He sucks at cleaning his room, but is willing to help hang up clothes.

Peyton- He's actually doing pretty good in school. He isn't getting into trouble near as often as the end of last year. Let's hope it stays that way! He LOVES his teachers again this year. I'm very grateful his teachers love him as much as I do. He is excited to have Austin and Becca and Lexi in his class. He said his favorite part of school is playing outside. Imagine that! :) He's in size 5 or small in clothes and size 10 shoes. He's getting better about brusing his teeth and eats ALL.THE.TIME.

Daisy- The girl is getting SO big! She's SUCH a little character. Tyler and I just watch her sometimes.....she's such a little girl! Her favorite toys are her dolls, her grocery cart, and cups/bowls/spoons. She's in size 18-24 months now, 6 in shoes, 5 in diapers. Her hair is getting long and it's still curly. She still doesn't really watch tv, but she will dance her little butt off to music!

Our babies

Our babies
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