Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to school

Yesterday was the kids first day back to school. Peyton back to preschool and Taryn first grade! They were both super excited to go.

I laid out there clothes the night before so we wouldn't have to fuss in the morning trying to find something to wear.

Both boys wore their new shoes and I think they were more excited about that than anything. Crazy kids!

Taryn started at regular time, 8am but Peyton didn't start until 9am. So, we went to Walmart with Helen and passed the time.

I walked Taryn into his classroom and dropped his school supplies off at the desk and sent him off to breakfast. He didn't want to eat at home. He never does, actually, lol.

Taryn was a little nervous that he would go play on the playground and when it was time to go in, he wouldn't know where to go. So, we asked his teacher and she told him what to do, then all his nerves went out the window! He said that he was late and couldn't play, but now he knows where to line up.

Peyton got in his classroom and went right to playing. He was excited to see Becca and Austin. I forgot to feed him breakfast, oops!, but I guess he did ok, anyways.

Taryn rode the bus home and said he had a great first day and "I'm a FIRST grader now, Mom!" It was cute.

Tyler went in and got Peyton, because that's what he wanted. He said he made new friends and didn't get in trouble, ha!

It's hard to believe I have a first grader and a preschooler. My kids are growing up way too fast!

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