Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sprinkler fun :)

(Three little monkeys)

(Shower anyone?)

(Handsome Devil)

(Taryn thinks she's nuts!)

(Takin' a sip)

(She didn't even hesitate to walk right in there!)

(Chunka Munka)

The kids love to play outside, but it's been SO hot lately that I don't like them out too long unless there is water involved. Well, we have no patio yet, so we can put our pool up. The plastic kiddie pool they have cracked along the top, so they can't use that anymore. What does that leave us with? The water table and sprinklers!

Oh, we have a slip n slide (or three) but after just a couple gos, the boys look like we beat them with a 2x4 because of all the rocks in our yard, so I tend to avoid them.

We put the sprinkler out and let Daisy run around with her brothers. They had so much fun (so did I) and we all stayed cool. Daisy kept sticking her face right in the water and Taryn said "She's crazy, Mom!" Yes son, she sure is!

OH YA, look what we found before playing in the sprinkler.

He died a horrible death by stick, thanks to Tyler :)

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  1. Your kids look so cute and looks like they had so much fun!!


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