Friday, June 24, 2011

I love baby books

LOTS of stuff in Taryn's book!

Taryn's baby book.

Peyton's baby book.

I kept Peyton's a little more organized than Taryn's.

Just SOME of the stuff I've written in Daisy's, haha.

Daisy's baby book.

I remember looking through mine when I was a teenager. I loved reding everything that was written in there. Somehow my baby book was lost, so I doubt I'll ever get to see it again, but I still remember what it looks like!

I just updated the kids' books last night in bed. I write SO much in them, but I don't care. I hope one day they'll enjoy reading through them. I try to write things like their favorite foods at certain ages and what size clothes/shoes they wear. I like to put their favorite tv shows and colors and cartoon character. I write about how their school year has gone, what new things they've learned, exciting adventures they've gone on, and who their best friend is at the time.

Every time I write in them, I go back and read stuff about the day we brought them home from the hospital or what tooth they got first. I can't get enough....

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