Friday, June 17, 2011

Boo boo

Ok, we were dropping Peyton off at Joe and Helen's house because his baseball game is at 6:25 here in town and Taryn's was at 5:30 in Eureka. She was going to take him to his game and we would get there a couple minutes late.

I walk out her office doors, Peyton holds the door for me (awww). He slides his butt and hands across the door and goes inside...and SMASHES his pinky finger in the part by the hinges.

I had no idea he did it. I walked to the truck and Tyler freaks out and starts pointing back at Peyt. I ran over there and Helen was out there holding his hand. Peyton never made a sound, so I didn't know what happened. I feel like shit for not knowing.

I took him to the ER because his finger was already turning purple-ish. My neice cut the tip of my nephews finger off in the bedroom door, so that's immediately where my mind went.

The dr. did some xrays and iced it. Nothing is broken, just bruised really bad and there's a small cut. They were SO good with him. Everyone at the hospital kept him calm, gave him stickers, and let him help as much as possible. I appreciate that SO much.

I feel like the worst mom in the world. :(

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