Sunday, May 22, 2011

"It's my birthday, and I'll cry if I want to......"

Boys outside playing.

Kylee and Daisy playing with blocks.

Daisy's cake.

Her stuff.

Those eyes.

Adalee and Daisy.

Daddy and Daisy.

We had Daisy's birthday party yesterday. There was no crying from her though. She had a blast!

We chose a Minnie Mouse theme. Pretty fitting huh? (Daisy and Minnie, haha)

Anyways, half the people we invited didn't show up, but that's ok! We still had a good time, got some cute pictures, and ate cake!

When it was time for Daisy to blow out her candle, she decided she'd stick her finger on it instead. So, I blew it out real fast and covered it with my hand. Taryn got scared! He thought she was going to burn herself. Such a sweet boy.

Peyton slept through most of the party. He was SO tired! I woke him up in time to do cake and presents though.

The boys and Garrett played outside in the mud and Daisy, Adalee, and Kylee played inside. They're such pretty little girls!

Daisy loves her birthday cards, probably more than her presents! She's funny. Taryn read the cards for her :)

I think she really enjoyed playing with everyone. She isn't really a people person, but she did great yesterday. She wasn't shy at all.

I just loved her little outfit. I've had it since I was pregnant with her and was SUPER happy that she got to wear it for her birthday!

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it and celebrate with us!

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