Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bye bye kindergarten!

Daisy all ready to go watch Taryn graduate!

Taryn graduated from Kindergarten last night.

The ceremony was awesome! It was a "Country Commencement" technically.....

Taryn was John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt in one of their skits. He had two speaking parts and did AMAZING! He impressed us all!

They sang a bunch of songs and did some moves and got their diplomas. It really was super cute.

Taryn saying his part.

We will miss Mrs. Scroggins. She's such a good teacher and has really helped to challenge Taryn when need be. Taryn REALLY likes her, too. I hope his 1st grade teacher is just as cool as her! (Oh and her room is allll decorated in zebra print! Can't get much cooler than that!)

We are SO proud of Taryn. He's such a smart kid and is doing better than could ever be expected of him......Way to go Taryn man!!! Our big, bad FIRST GRADER!!!

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