Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So yesterday the boys stayed home from school. Well, we had to go pick Peyton up an hour after we dropped him off because he had a fever.

Taryn had a rash on his hands and feet...but nowhere else. We took him to the dr. and he said he wasn't sure what it was. With no fever, etc......he said it would be best to keep him out of school for one day just to watch and see if the rash spreads, etc. So, we did.

Then I guess Peyton wouldn't eat breakfast at school and had a fever, so we brought him home. He was fine the rest of the day though, no fever or anything.

We spent the day watching movies and reading books!

They are fine now, by the way...and so far, Daisy hasn't gotten whatever "it" was.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Girl's night

I had a girl's night IN here at the house Friday night. It was me and Daisy, Halsey and Emily, Eli and Caley, Nicole, and Darlene! It was a LOT of fun. At least, I thought it was. We just ate and sat around talking forever. It was nice to have girl time and have the babies with us and not have to go OUT.

Tyler spent the night with Tyler (Emily's husband) and they stayed up until 5am playing Xbox online. Crazy boys!

Everyone went home except Emily and Halsey. They crashed on the couch. Emily and I stayed up late talking and cuddling with our baby girls.

Mallori and Kylee weren't able to come because Kylee had been sick with RSV the week before. I hated having to ask Mallori not to come, but just couldn't risk the other babies getting sick. So, we're going to have to do it again, when Kylee and Mallori can join us! :)

Thank you girls for coming over!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kiddie update!

It's March! :)

Taryn- He's still obsessed with Sharks. He learns something new about them every day. He finally put his tooth under his pillow....he lost that tooth a couple weeks ago. He got $1.50 and a cool little box. He's having Dr. Suess week at school. Today is 'Wacky Wednesday' so he wore his clothes inside out and backward!!!

Peyton- He's been getting into trouble at school again. This time for hitting and throwing blocks. Oooh that kid!! He's learned the "This is my right hand, na na na na na, this is my left hand, na na na na na..." song and he sings it a lot! He says he's ready for Spring so he can play outside more.

Daisy- She is in size 4 diapers still, wearing 12 months clothes. She is very vocal and loves to make noise! She's still crawling a ton, cruising on EVERYTHING, but she won't take any steps by herself yet. Soon, though! Her favorite thing to eat right now is macaroni and cheese.

Our babies

Our babies
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