Sunday, February 20, 2011

Row, row, row your boat....gently down the stream...

Joe took Taryn and Jacob fishing today. Taryn LOVES to go fishing with his papa.

Taryn told me that they were trying to catch catfish and croppie. He caught one small fish but had to throw it back. He also said that he had a "ginormous, huge catfish but it broke his line, it was SO big"....lol

He said he got a donut before they left and "really liked fishing with his papa again". They saw a bunch of GIANT clams that were shiny by the dock and one even had a dead fish in it's mouth, lol.

I love hearing his stories. He's so imaginative and detailed. He gets very excited and full of life when he tells stories.

Oh! He even drew a picture at school on Friday, of Papa and him fishing on the river. So sweet!

I'm very thankful that the boys have Papa to take them fishing.

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