Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I gave birth to a monkey.

I'm serious.

Daisy fucking climbs on EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. She is by far more active and into more crap than my boys ever were at this age!

She climbs the vacuum, the dvd shelves, the chairs, the soda boxes, the table, the couches, the shoes, the toys in her room, the treadmill. She is CRAZY!

I don't really baby proof. I just do my best to keep her away from stuff that poses a direct threat. I put plug ins in the outlets where she plays, I moved my heavy breakables off the shelves she can reach, etc. But I don't do corner protectors or gates or anything like that. I have one gate, just haven't put it up.

I let her roam around while I get on this thing or eat or whatever and have to get up every 2 seconds to get her off of something.

Ooooh this girl!

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  1. That's my approach as well, I think it pays off in the long run. Let them explore and learn first hand how to handle things, how to be safe, and develop their skills in the real world, while we are there quietly ready to step in if needed. I think kids raised this way end up so much safer than kids kept in a playpen all day because their parents "don't have time" to supervise.


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