Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

I know, my last couple posts have been pretty conceited....but it IS my blog, right? LOL

It's my birthday. January 23rd, 1986 I was born!! I was 4lbs 13oz, such a tiny baby.

So, it was a lazy, boring day. But that's ok with me. Caley was SO sweet and baked me a cake! Funfetti is the shiz! She brought it to me, and of course some of my favorite little people came with her (Becca, Emily, and Eli!). Everyone had cake (even Daisy!) and we hung out and chatted and it was perfect :)

Tonight, the boys were so sweet. I love them more everyday. Taryn wanted me to have presents, so he made a "game". He crinkled up paper and folded some up. He put it in a Capri Sun box and then wrapped it up with Christmas wrapping paper. Peyton had me make him three paper airplanes and then he went and wrapped them up in Christmas paper, too. They also made me cards, which I LOVE LOVE LOVE! My boys are the best.

Oh and thank you to all my Facebook friends who wished me a Happy Birthday! I love you guys and you've made my day!!!

How could I forget?? Dad called! Can you believe that? It was a short conversation and he thought I was 26, but hey! I was happy to hear from him. Mom and Darrell called too, which was great. I was really happy I was able to talk to them today.

So, Happy Birthday to me!

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  1. Happy Birthday...and yes, today it really IS and CAN be all about YOU! LOL! Enjoy!


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