Thursday, January 20, 2011

Don't eat yellow snow....no no no no

This is what Peyton goes around singing when it snows. HILARIOUS!

We actually got quite a bit! I'm surprised. The weather people around here are douchebags and rarely get it right, but this time they were right on. I'm ok with the snow, just don't like when we don't get enough for the kids to really play in. This time we did.

I think we are supposed to get more on Sunday or Monday, too. School was cancelled and since they called at 5:30am to tell us, guess who's been awake since then? Not me :) but Tyler has. Between the phone ringing and the new puppy whining...he didn't sleep good at all.

Oh ya, we have a new puppy...I'll make a separate post about her.

So, the plan for the day (and probably tomorrow too) is to eat breakfast, clean up, go outside and play, bathtime, nap, lunch, back outside, bath, painting or playdoh, dinner and BED! :)

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