Friday, December 3, 2010


Daisy LOVES her some avacado. She's a slimy green mess sitting next to me right now. She's going to town!

Christmas is coming up. I think we are going to just stay home...it'll be the first time ever and I think it's time. I want to have one Christmas where it's just us, I think.

She's gonna be fun to clean up! Straight to the bath after I'm done writing this.

A girl posted on FF about holiday traditions. It got me thinking.....we do a lot for Christmas time. We have lots of little traditions that we enjoy every year. That's special to me.

What traditions do you have? What would you like to start doing?

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  1. Funny... Ashton HATES avacado.... he was gagging and refused to shit his mouth until I wiped it off his tongue... dramatic kid! ;)


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