Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Are you ready for Christmas?

I think I am! Finally.

All the presents are bought and wrapped. Everything's under the tree (except the stocking and Santa presents, of course!)

I haven't baked anything yet, though....ugh, I know, I need to get right on that. Oops.

The boys tell me every morning how many more days till Santa comes. I love that they are SO into Christmas. The anticipation is definetly building!

They both brought lots of goodies home from school. Taryn made an angel with his face glued to it and Peyton made a gingerbread man, so both are on my fridge now. I love them!

They got to meet Santa on Monday. He was at Peyton's Christmas party for school. Taryn was SO excited to meet him and couldn't wait. Peyton wasn't so sure at first, then he just adored him and didn't want to get off his lap! He kept telling him Merry Christmas! Daisy was ok, then SCREAMEd, then was ok, then CRIED, then was ok again. Thanks to LaDonna, she sat still long enough for a picture. Classic!

So, Christmas Eve at Helen and Joe's (with Jacob!) for pizza and then here at home with just us for Christmas Day.

I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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