Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

This Christmas was great. We stayed home and in our pjs all day.

The boys were SO happy with their Santa gifts (and everything else) of course. They seemed really grateful this year, which was wonderful to see.

We played a bunch of games, Bingo, puzzles, Guess Who?, etc. That's always fun!

Tyler and I both got a pair of shoes, I got Wii Fit Plus and for that, I am grateful!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Birthday Dad! Not sure where you are (or even if you're still with us), but I love you and Happy Birthday!!!! ((HUGS))

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Congratulations Tyler and Emily!

So...Halsey Jayde Keith was born December 22nd, 2010 at 12:47am. She weighed 6lbs 14oz and was 21in long! Such a long baby girl!

She is the most precious baby girl (besides my own) ever! She's got a full head of hair, like Emily said all along! I think for now, she looks like Emily. She is BEAUTIFUL, oh man...so beautiful!

We've been waiting for her arrival and now she's here, just in time for Christmas. One more reason for Emily to love Christmastime. I cannot wait to hold Halsey and give her kisses and give Emily a giant hug for doing such an amazing job!

Congratulations again and Merry Christmas to the Keiths!

Are you ready for Christmas?

I think I am! Finally.

All the presents are bought and wrapped. Everything's under the tree (except the stocking and Santa presents, of course!)

I haven't baked anything yet, though....ugh, I know, I need to get right on that. Oops.

The boys tell me every morning how many more days till Santa comes. I love that they are SO into Christmas. The anticipation is definetly building!

They both brought lots of goodies home from school. Taryn made an angel with his face glued to it and Peyton made a gingerbread man, so both are on my fridge now. I love them!

They got to meet Santa on Monday. He was at Peyton's Christmas party for school. Taryn was SO excited to meet him and couldn't wait. Peyton wasn't so sure at first, then he just adored him and didn't want to get off his lap! He kept telling him Merry Christmas! Daisy was ok, then SCREAMEd, then was ok, then CRIED, then was ok again. Thanks to LaDonna, she sat still long enough for a picture. Classic!

So, Christmas Eve at Helen and Joe's (with Jacob!) for pizza and then here at home with just us for Christmas Day.

I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

December has been busy for us!

Man, lots of things have been going on lately.

Busy, busy!

Tomorrow, the 20th...Daisy has to get her shots in the morning. Taryn is having a Christmas day at school. The class is going to be wearing pjs, watching the Polar Express and drinking hot chocolate. Sounds like fun, huh?! Then, tomorrow evening, Peyton's Christmas party is going on. Santa may even be there!!

Taryn- He's reading so much better. I couldn't be more proud of him!

Peyton- His speech has improved a million times! I can't believe it, really. He is doing great.

Daisy- She's 19lbs 1oz and has had a little cold.....Nothing bad but I took her in anyways. She's growing like crazy! She's crawling, saying Dada still, pulling up on everything and trying so hard to walk!

Friday, December 3, 2010


Daisy LOVES her some avacado. She's a slimy green mess sitting next to me right now. She's going to town!

Christmas is coming up. I think we are going to just stay home...it'll be the first time ever and I think it's time. I want to have one Christmas where it's just us, I think.

She's gonna be fun to clean up! Straight to the bath after I'm done writing this.

A girl posted on FF about holiday traditions. It got me thinking.....we do a lot for Christmas time. We have lots of little traditions that we enjoy every year. That's special to me.

What traditions do you have? What would you like to start doing?

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Our babies
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