Monday, August 2, 2010

My newest obsession

is making bows!! Woot! Look at me go....

That one is my favorite..of course!

So, I have a hot glue gun (or three!) and some glue sticks...and some ribbon. I was thinking...what could I make with this? DUH! Bows! So, I had Tyler get me some clips (they didn't have alligator clips, so he got barrettes) and more ribbon and some tie. I threw a couple together, they aren't the greatest, but with each bow I am doing a little better!

Tyler is itching for me to get a hobby...he won't admit to that, but I KNOW HIM! LOL He ordered me some alligator clips online and some pretty ribbon, silver and daisies, I think.

Once the boys are in school, I'll have a lot more time to do things that I like to do. Daisy is still sleeping quite a bit, so hopefully she keeps that up and I can get to bow makin'!

Oh and Tyler bought me a Brother sewing machine. Nothing fancy, but totally cool!!! I want to start making pillowcase dresses and bows and (per Emily's excitement!) leggings! Baby leggins that is.

Ooops, Daisy's up now...gotta run!

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