Tuesday, August 31, 2010


That should have been Peyton's middle name. 7th day of school and already in trouble. He bit a kid. The kid was in his personal space. Not the right thing to do, obviously....but I think he's sorry. I hope he doesn't do that crap again.....

On a good note, he loves school! He enjoys being there and seeing Mrs. Beth.

Taryn gets to ride the bus home now. We had an issue with him getting home, so this was the solution. We still drive him TO school though. He rides the "goose" bus and his bus driver is Mrs. Doss (no relation to Joe). She drops him off right here by the house, so it takes a whole minute to get him. He loves it and made a friend named Zoey, who lives down the street.

So far, Taryn has done good in school. We ordered him some books through the book club, those should be coming soon!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's that time!

School started this morning! Taryn's first day of Kindergarten and Peyton's first day of Preschool. Taryn barely took the time to give me a kiss and say goodbye! He was off with the other kids to the playground as soon as he put his backpack away! I did manage to get a picture of him standing in front of his classroom before we went in.

Peyton was SO happy to be in the classroom. He didn't start until an hour after Taryn, today, so he was full of it until then! He went right in and sat down at the table with some other kids and started playing with the blocks they had out. He was all smiles! He told me and Tyler bye and that was that!

I managed to keep it together, I didn't cry at all! I think it helped that they were SO ready to go. They both had their new clothes on and new shoes and Taryn had his backpack. It was great to see them both so big and so ready, but sad at the same time. My boys are growing up!

Oh and Taryn was so funny. We took him yesterday to pick out some stuff for his lunches. I put his lunch box in his backpack and told him. "He said did you get my yogurt and my string cheese?" I said "Yep." He asked, "What about my sandwhich and my capri suns?" I told him "Yes, Taryn, I've got it all in there." He said "Ok, Mom, just making sure I have some variety in there." LOL What a dork!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Pink, pink, and more pink!

Emily and Tyler are having a girl! I am SO happy! More pink to buy. Daisy is gonna have another little friend to play with!

Mallori and Jarrad's baby girl, Kylee will be here soon.....I bet Mallori is READY!

I'm lovin' all this pink!!

I missed Mallori's baby shower though :( I wasn't feeling the greatest and was worried about going around her and everyone there, because of the whooping cough crap that's going around. I'm not sick, but wasn't feeling well the night before and didn't want to chance it. I hope she had fun!!!

Now...Just waiting on what Emily and Tyler are gonna name that baby girl...and IF they are ever going to agree on a name! LOL

She only cried for a second!

We got Daisy's ears pierced yesterday. We were at Walmart and I thought I'd go check out the prices and what kind of earrings they had, etc. Well, Tyler said "Just have them do it." Ok! So we did! It was an older woman and a younger girl. The younger girl did great, but the older woman missed the purple dot completely! I was pissed, but took the earring out right away and had her do it again! This time I made her put the piercer up against her ear and THEN do it. It came out perfect the second time :) She only cried for a second! She acted like it was nothing. All she wanted to do was go to sleep with her face in my chest! We got her some little gold and pink earrings for now. Can't wait to get her in some diamonds!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer 2010

I can't believe summer vacation is almost over! The boys start school August 19th.

We went and got their school clothes and shoes this weekend. Thank you TJ Maxx and Target for having good sales! We got the boys each two pairs of jeans, Taryn two short outfits, Peyton one. Taryn got two new shirts and some windbreakers and a pair of shorts. Peyton got two pant sets, a shirt and a pair of shorts. They both got Sketchers, per Taryn's request. I like that they have black bottoms and velcro straps! Oh and the fact they were buy one get one 1/2 off!

We also picked up their backpacks and lunch boxes (even though Peyton can't take them to school, we didn't want him to feel left out). Taryn is super excited to use his!

Kindergarten orientation is on the 16th...can't wait to meet his teacher and see his classroom. I'm ready for this! I can do it...I mean, HE can do it ;)

We've been staying busy! The boys have been going on Joe and Helen's new boat and tubing. They've gone camping with them and had a blast! We do a lot of playing in the little pool and drawing with chalk (when it's cool in the evenings) and watching movies, playing video games, and eating! Sheesh, all we do is eat!

I'm not ready for summer to be over, but at the same time, I need a break! These kids wear me out! LOL I need routine and consistency before I lose my mind! Hopefully once school starts things will be pretty normal around here...or at least I can hope!

My newest obsession

is making bows!! Woot! Look at me go....

That one is my favorite..of course!

So, I have a hot glue gun (or three!) and some glue sticks...and some ribbon. I was thinking...what could I make with this? DUH! Bows! So, I had Tyler get me some clips (they didn't have alligator clips, so he got barrettes) and more ribbon and some tie. I threw a couple together, they aren't the greatest, but with each bow I am doing a little better!

Tyler is itching for me to get a hobby...he won't admit to that, but I KNOW HIM! LOL He ordered me some alligator clips online and some pretty ribbon, silver and daisies, I think.

Once the boys are in school, I'll have a lot more time to do things that I like to do. Daisy is still sleeping quite a bit, so hopefully she keeps that up and I can get to bow makin'!

Oh and Tyler bought me a Brother sewing machine. Nothing fancy, but totally cool!!! I want to start making pillowcase dresses and bows and (per Emily's excitement!) leggings! Baby leggins that is.

Ooops, Daisy's up now...gotta run!

Our babies

Our babies
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