Friday, June 11, 2010

Fatty Fatty Bo Batty

That's me! LOL

When I got pregnant with Taryn, I was 117lbs. When I delivered him, I was 180. I got down to 115lbs after I had him and that was great! Couldn't believe I lost it all.

Well, beer helped me gain some weight along the way and when I got preggo with Peyton, I was 127lbs. Got up to 182 (I think) with him. Ug. Um...I never lost all of that and got to 140ish and then 145 when I got preggo with Daisy.

So, 145lbs when I got preggo with Daisy, 198 when I delivered. I told myself I WOULD NOT get to 200lbs, if I did, I'd shoot myself. Ok, not really, but I know that I wouldn't have been too happy about that number.

As of Monday (the 7th of June) I was at 176. Not too shabby...but not great. I will hopefully weigh myself again this weekend...but I don't know. I am HOPING, but not counting on, being at 170. I am still wearing maternity pants because my hips haven't gone in yet. They're taking their sweet ass time. I am thinking if I went to the thrift store, I could pick up a couple pairs of regular jeans for now.....probably a size 13, because my 11's barely button!

As soon as I get the clear to exercise at my 6 week check up, Tyler and I are going to start P90X. I've heard it's hell, but we're ready! I am actually excited about working out again. I don't know if we will stick to it, but we're surely gonna try! I'm planning on starting Weight Watchers again, too, but it's gonna be hard because I'm breastfeeding and extra hungry.

So, that's the plan! I'm hoping by my 25th birthday (in January) I will be down to 130lbs. That's my first goal and will go from there!


  1. Danielle/danigirl786/11/10, 11:39 PM

    Jess, I'm starting back on WW after my 6 wk check up too. We'll have to support each other. My Mom is a leader and I've had success with it before. Hope I can stay motivated.

  2. That's great Danielle! We will definetly have to help each other out! I will be doing it online, but it worked last time, so I'm not toooo worried about it!


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