Tuesday, June 22, 2010

6 week post partum appointment

I saw Dr. Simon yesterday for my 6 week check up, even though it hasn't been 6 weeks yet. My Medi-caid will expire exactly 6 weeks after Daisy was born, so I made sure I got the appt. outta the way in time.

My weight was 179. Not good. That means I gained 3 lbs. Oh well, I'll start WW and P90X on MOnday

My bp was a little high and the dr. is actually pretty concerned about that, which surprises me. She said it's common for you to hold on to blood pressure problems for 6-10 weeks after delivery, if you had problems while pregnant, which I did toward the end. I have to log my bp and keep an eye on it. If it gets above normal, she wants me to go see a doctor right away. Especially if it happens at or around 12 weeks post partum.

I got my pap done. My uterus is already back to it's normal size, which is great! I also got the Mirena IUD in. It didn't hurt nearly as bad this time as it did last time! Tyler was there for the whole thing, something he's never been a part of before. I think he has a new respect for the shit women go through. There was also an intern in the room, so needless to say, it was crowded!

Talked to Dr. Simon about Daisy's baby acne. She said it was very mild. I know this, and when I told her how I cleared it up, she was so happy! Good ol' breastmilk! I'm telling you...it's liquid gold!!! It's wonderful stuff. Cleared her acne right up!

She said Daisy's birthmark on her hand is called a stork bite. I kinda figured that's what it was. She has one on her left eyelid, also. She said they will fade, but never completely disappear.

All in all it was a good appt. I really like Dr. Simon. I wish I had seen her from the beginning of my pregnancy, but I didn't know about her! She's really a great listener and makes me (and Tyler) completely comfortable. I'm really happy she was able to deliver Daisy.

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