Saturday, April 11, 2015


Does this thing still exist? I forgot all about it.
Things have changed a bit, huh?
Random picture. Just wanted to see how easy it was to add one to a post. MAYBE I'll catch up with y'all soon?
Or maybe not.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Down 2lbs!

I FINALLY lost some weight. I figured I would gain, since we've been stuck in this damn house for days because of the ice. I'll take a 2lb loss, though!

So, I'm down a total of 68lbs. I am down 5 pant sizes. I went from an extra large in most clothes to a MEDIUM. This is what amazes me most. I put pants on that I wore last winter and they fall off of me! I've thrown out pants that I've had for years, because they are too BIG.

I am 3lbs away from what I set as my ultimate goal, when I started this "Get Healthy" journey. I am 2 pant sizes away from where I'd like to be. I want to be in the same size I was when I met Tyler. At this point, I think I might actually be able to accomplish that. Maybe by this time next year?

Thank you to everyone who continues to motivate me. Tyler especially. He encourages me to work out and eat less (which is HARD for me) and he compliments me when I need to hear it most.

This is what 15lbs lighter looks like. 145 in the first pic, 130 in the second. This was the hardest of the weight to lose. 

5 days post op

I think Daisy is sick. Ugh! She has a bit of a cough and now a runny nose. Tyler and I were both having sinus issues and I had a cough and I was REALLY hoping it would pass her by, but apparently it did not.

She is acting fine, but the coughing worries me. I've been giving her cough medicine, so hopefully she won't screw anything in her throat up.

She still isn't eating much of anything. I'm afraid she's going to blow away in the wind. She's so skinny and puny :(

She has been loving having 5 cups with something different to drink in each one, though. I hope she doesn't think this is going to happen forever. I'm tired of washing cups!

Her breath is AWFUL. I mean, BAD. I brush her teeth and try to brush her tongue, but my good god. The smell is disgusting. It's normal, but gross. VERY GROSS.

She has a little more energy now, which is weird since she's not eating much. It's nice to see her fight with Peyton, though. I can't believe I just said that!

Friday, December 6, 2013

This weather!

The weather people predicted some crazy ice storm and we actually got ice! The people in this town went sort of crazy and bought up all the bread and propane. Myself included. Just in case the power went out!

We had lots of ice yesterday into last night and then got a little snow on top of it. School was canceled yesterday and today. Lots of snow dumped on us last night and it snowed (lightly) most of today. The kids got bundled up and went out to play in it and had a BLAST. Even Daisy went out!

Surgery Day

The doctor called and bumped up Daisy's surgery. December 3rd at 6:30am. Nicole was nice enough to let us bring the boys by on our way to the hospital and she got them on the bus for us.

We got there, did the check in biz and went straight into a room for pre-op. We were in there for awhile with the nurses and the anesthesiologist going over everything that would happen before, during, and after surgery.

The girls watched some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while they got ready for Daisy and I gave her some meds that made her loopy. The nurse said to give it to her in one shot, so I did and some of it squirted out on all of us, whoops!

We sat around in the room while Daisy got sleepy. I took a video and some funny pics of her being silly.

Then, once the doctor came in to see how she was, they took her away! They started talking to her and then swooshed her right on out of there, so I snapped a couple pictures on her way out the door and kissed her and told her I loved her.

The doctor said it would take anywhere from 20-30 minutes.

We went to the waiting room and Carley played with all the crap in my purse. Tyler walked around in circles. I listened to two old women talk about random stuff...pretty funny.

It took about 45 mins (maybe longer?) for the surgery. I was being very impatient at the end because I was scared something was going wrong. The doctor came in and took us to a room and assured us everything was fine. He said the surgery went well but that he had a hard time getting her tonsils out because they were so big and down in her throat. Her adenoids were huge too, but not as bad as her tonsils. She had very little bleeding.

They came out and told us that she was in recovery and that she'd peed her pants and needed a change of clothes. I gave the nurse panties and pants and asked how long it would be before we got to see her. She told me she was asleep so it would be just a bit. It was FOREVER before she finally came out and got me to go back and see Daisy. Ugh! I got back there and the little girl next to Daisy (she got tubes put in) was FREAKING out and her mom actually said "Stop milking it, it's not that bad!" I could not believe that.

They gave Daisy to me and she was asleep. She woke up for a second and said "I want pants on." And we put her panties and pants on. She went right back to sleep for awhile. She woke up again and we tried to keep her awake but she kept falling asleep. They were a little concerned that they couldn't get her awake, but after 20 or so more minutes, she finally came to on her own. They asked her to take a sip of apple juice and then they'd take her IV out and she told us "I want a whole lot of apple juice." She chugged half the little carton and then went back to sleep for a bit. When she woke up this time, they took her IV out and we got to get ready to go home. Filled out all the paperwork and got wheeled out to Daddy and Carley. Daddy got the car and we loaded her up.

She was very sore and had thrown up some blood and had a bloody nose in the recovery room (before I got back there)....but otherwise she was doing okay. She asked to listen to "Never Ever" in the car on the way to Walmart for her meds and juice. Of course Walmart didn't have her Rx ready and we had to go back later to get it, but anyways.

I was SO incredibly scared for her. More for the anesthesia than the actual surgery. My anxiety was through the freakin' roof, but I am SO glad Tyler was able to be there with us or I'm not sure I would have made it through without having a panic attack.

I will add some pictures later.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ice, Ice, Baby!


The weather is supposed to be wonderful the next few days.....NOT!

I actually kind of like snow, but I HATE ice.

Hopefully it's not as bad as they say it's going to be.

Daisy has to have surgery.

She has had a couple colds in the last few months, which is strange because she rarely gets sick. She's also started snoring. A lot. And loud.

She was at the doctor a couple weeks ago for something unrelated to this but I asked the doctor again if the snoring was normal. It's not, so the nurse practitioner took a look in her throat and said that her tonsils were SUPER swollen. Daisy wasn't sick, so it didn't make sense.

I got a referral for the ENT and we saw him last week. AS SOON AS he looked inside her mouth he said "WOW. Her tonsils are HUGE. HUGE! Wow." Or something along those lines. So, he did some other checks, looked in her ears, etc. and we talked about surgery.

He wants her tonsils and adenoids out ASAP. He said they are HUGE. Also, her left side is bigger than her right.

We went over the risks involved with the surgery, which was totally scary, and decided that it needs to be done. December 11th is the day. She has to be there bright and early in the morning, as she's the first patient of the day.

I am so scared for my baby girl. I know it needs to be done, but I am still worried sick.

So, if you can, please say an extra prayer, send up good thoughts....just think about my Daisy on Wednesday, please.

Our babies

Our babies
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